Bushmaster's "The Lady"

Discussion in 'Military Style' started by shootingworld, Dec 13, 2004.

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    Bushmaster's Newest Carbon 15 .223 Caliber Rifle, The Lady weighs just under four pounds - perfect for ladies and small stature individuals. It features an overall Birdseye Maple Pattern coating on receiver, buttstock, and forend, and select operating controls are accented with nickel plating. This Carbon 15 Type 21 Rifle is a feather-weight with fire-power! It is chambered for the powerful 5.56mm NATO cartridge but will accept the nearly identical .223 Remington as well. The Upper and Lower Receivers, Buttstock and Forend are all molded of state of the art Carbon Fiber material that offers incredible durability, strength and ultra-light weight.
    http://www.bushmaster.com/shopping/carb ... 15r21c.asp

  2. EasternBloc

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    I think they made a real poor choice marketing such a fine firearm under the name "the Lady." I know more then one shooter who would not own a gun called "the Lady."

    Then again, they are not that small of stature either.

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    the foregrip seems to me, that its to big and rounded