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Buy to all

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Weel buy to all the great people her and at shotgun world. I guess I will be unble to post at shotgun world :cry: . Oh.. well :? . Next time if you dont want me on there just ask dont jack my computer around :x .
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Its good though I still can post here. I guess I have learned my lesoon about talking politics and bad spelling :oops:
Goldeye, what is going on? Did they say you couldn't log in anymore . I hope this isn't the case.
what happened? are you saying that somebody did something to your computer?
Hey goldeyeslayer where are you hunting this year?Drop-Shot
Hey goldeyeslayer if mispelling is that frowned on I would be assasinated.Keep your chin up,your good people.Drop-Shot
What happened? Were you banned from SGW or did your wife do something to the computer? If you can't log-on ask Jay for help. If he banned you then....well that wouldn't be good :oops: .
Goldeyeslayer, are you upset becuase you posted that d*ck sucker comment then apologized for it saying you were in a bad mood , so I removed both parts???

i didn't ban or anything, just let you know I pulled them...
He MAY have mistook the trouble that a bunch of folks were having with certain forums showing up as not available for being punished. I dunno.. he'll tell us soon enough
I didn't ban you either. Let me know if you are having problems logging in.
Glad to see he wasn't banned :)
What ever happen is over,may we all learn a lesson here.We are to be as gentileman as possible and we should not assume we wont be checked for content and platforming for an agenda.I missed the comment but I still respect goldeneyeslayer ,he is witty,smart and a fine sportsman and look forward to his insightful ramarks,like all of us some times the wife calls me down for verbal content and I expect that from all that read my comments and as I mentioned,wee all usually have at least a couple comments and like always we ,rely on them more rhan we should.Were here for you buddy,justlog on and talk.Drop-Shot
hey marlands,how come the words I type(often mispelled)arn't always what I see posted?Drop-Shot
probably the bad word catcher.. try spelling a ss ume as one word..
No thats not it,I don't curse in talking or writing,I can get my message across without sounding like a *******,You took out a couple of words that were not curse words and I want to know why.If you don't want to air it out here,my email is [email protected] I know it sounds funny but when I had time to play jh football,every body said running into me was like running into a stump,I was stuck with stump all my younger years,my wife was called crunch all through jh&hs so thats why we have a funny sounding email address.Drop-Shot
Ok I'll email you, I'm interested in hearing what I did.
What happened was I made a comment about the other political party that was not meant to be taken serious and and ticked of a moderator, so he called me a fool and said I have a seventh grade education, and ect. Because I could not spell. Wich I had no idea was a problem, heck I thought all that mattered was someone could tell what the word was. He apperently does not agree that other people have opinions. So after this I try to log in a few minutes later to post again, when it wont let me log in and said I was not alllowed or something, and sent me to this sight. Well after a bit of waiting after my guest posts, sure enough I am aloowed in, now this could have been a technical problem but have never had any technical problems on shotgun world and to be honest it kind of made me wonder after this argument if it was a technical problem. It had nothing to do with the D*** S***** comment and I would have understood if i was baned for that. I tryed to find the post but could not. It just amazed me how ruded a moderator could be after seeming like a nice guy :?

where will you be hunting?
I plan to try my first time open water layout hunting on lake pepin, and also will hunt lake of the woods and winnie and a few honey wholes for duck of course. I also would like to make a trip up to the dakotas for some snow geese and pheasant, and as for deer, Well this summer I saw the biggest deer I have ever seen come out of a bog in norhtern minnesota coming back from my walleye trip on lake of the woods. :D
I also am checking in on going to a rusian bore ranch in mich. , I picked up a brochure at gander, I have tried bore hunting and must say it is awsome.
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A moderator??? Hmmm this is strange, a typical moderator can't ban or anything, also they have no powers outside the forums they moderate , in other forums they are just members. Exceptions being Myself and Rick 618 other than Jay.

Expect a PM Goldeyesleyer , I plan to get to the bottom of this , and hopefully get resolution to the situation. No moderator is going to promote any agenda other than "the friendliest yada yada yada" with their powers.

Oh there is one thing, several AOL IPs might stil be on the ban list from the troll wars, so if you have AOL it might explain some of this.. but it'd be hard to imagine the bad luck of that.
marland I am not an aol customer, and keep an eye out for the p.m.
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