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Well, deer season (gun) starts here Saturday, so I went out to the new rifle range yesterday afternoon to verify my newest addition was on target. I bought a Savage 110 .270 with a "cheap" 3-9 x 32 scope from a guy here at work who need the $185 badly. The gun is in great shape other than a few minor "dings" in the stock from use. I shot it a couple months ago and got it on center with a few shots.

I drove up to the range yesterday and a few other guys were there sighting in their guns. I set up a target at 100 yards, set my gun in the vise, and heard one of the guys spotting for a couple of guys to my left telling them where they were placing their shots. I touched off the .270 Winchester Super X 130 gr Silver Tip. The spotting guy said, "I think I'd put that one back in the case......" I turned and looked at him and he was looking right at me grinning. Through the scope, I could see the Shoot-N-C had a hole dead center of the 10 ring.

Think I'm ready for Saturday......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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