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Mon Sep 20, 3:41 AM ET Add Op/Ed - New York Post to My Yahoo!


N EW YORKERS are at least four times as likely to be punched to death than to be killed with an assault-style rifle, unpublished state crime statistics show.

The eye-opening figures — obtained by The Post from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services — reveal that New Yorkers are also at least twice as likely to be clubbed to death than shot dead by an attacker wielding one of the semi-automatic rifles previously covered by a federal government ban that expired last week.

The most recent statewide statistics — murder-by-weapon-type figures from 2002 — also show that New Yorkers are at least five times as likely to be stabbed to death with a knife than they are to be shot with an assault rifle.

Of 893 murders committed two years ago, just 22 — or slightly over 2 percent — were carried out using some form of rifle, including assault-rifles, the figures show.

Full Story at ... statistics

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Thats true iresh9 and I wish there was something I could about it.I listen to and they identify nbc as anti gun's and slant the information to there benifit.I would like to get there address and post it so all us real people could write them a nice little letter.Drop-Shot
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