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Anything with a mil-spec primer should be good. Wolf, Golden/Sliver/Brown Bear, Golden Tiger, or East-Bloc mil-surp ammo. Try and stay away from Rem, Win or any US made commercial ammo. Commercial grade Russian ammo uses mil-spec primers.

SKS's have a bad habit of slam-firing with soft primers, which is what US grade ammo usually uses. Make sure your firing pin and firing pin channel is clean and the FP is free floating as well. If it sticks, the gun may go full auto from slam fires when the bolt slams home.

You can try and

If you use East Bloc mil-surp, be sure to swab out the barrel, chamber and bolt face with a mix of 50/50 ammonia and water as soon as you are finished shooting it. Usually Windex will be good and then clean it normally as soon as possible. The mil-surp stuff has corrosive primers. Wolf and the other "animal" brands use non-corrosive primers.

Yugo silver tip ammo is pretty good and Czech ammo is supposed to be good as well. I read that Albanian ammo is a hit or miss thing, so you may want to be careful. Some mil-surp stuff is copper washed steel cased and some is lacquer covered steel cased. The SKS was designed for this stuff so there are usually no problems with it.

It usually comes as a 440 round box for about 30-35 bucks. Prices may vary.

I only shoot Wolf/Bear or mil-surp in mine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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