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Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by KaBar, Jan 8, 2005.

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    I was going through all the rifles/shotguns/pistols in the gun safe (Theres actually not THAT many :wink: ) and noticed that there weren't any medium bore rifles. Plenty of old 30-06s, mostly from the early 1900s and maybe before and an old Swedish Mauser 1898 in 6.5x55.

    I want to get something for coyote hunting and target/plinking. The three calibers I was thinking of were the .223, .204 ruger, or the 22-250. Right now my thoughts are with the .223 for cost and that they are avalible everywhere.

    As for the actual rifles I'm thinking about the Savage 12fv or the Remington 700 SPS. I've heard good things about both rifles and they are about the same price so I'm not sure which. I'm also open to any suggestions on other brands/models.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions that you can give me. I appreciate it.
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    I've heard some good stuff about the Ruger .204 so far, but I haven't tried it yet. I would definately consider a .22-250 for coyote. Personally, though, I've got a soft spot for the .223, as I've been shooting it for years. It definately will do the job on varmints (especially 'yotes), and it's cheap to shoot. Granted, Winchester ballistic silvertips aren't cheap, but they're what I usually use for serious varmint removal.

    Between the two rifles, I'd probably lean towards the Remington. Savage makes really nice rifles, and I've heard a lot of good stuff about the Accu-Trigger. But, as I said, I've HEARD a lot of good stuff about the Savage. I haven't picked up a Remington that I didn't like. They're well made and very accurate, plus there's a lot of stuff available for Remington rifles.

    As you can see, I'm mostly just going from what I'm familiar with, but if I were buying a rifle with the choices you gave me, I'd get the Remington in .223 for myself.

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    i guess wired has never held the 710

    id get the remington in .223
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    I went with the 12FV because of the heavy barrel (great for protracted sessions since it heats up less than standard hunting barrels) and the Accutrigger. The Accutrigger saved me an automatic trip to the gunsmith to tame the "lawyer" trigger and has proven to be an excellent trigger for me. Overall an excellent shooter and very accurate.

    The 223 is a great cartridge up to 200 yards but past that the 22-250 has the edge with less drop and more pep. Can't comment on the new 204 since I've not had the chance to try it out.

    Well Kabar, you are now on the same track I was wrt looking at them empty spaces in the gun cabinet. They probably won't stay empty too long and I suspect that you will be looking at how to get more space in the near future to start filling 'em in again.:wink:

    Safe shooting.
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    But, with the Savage for about $200 you can have a 204 barrel.
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    I had much the same in my safe, I first bought a single shot Mossberg in .223 and then added an AR-15 in the M4 configuration. I chose the .223 for cost and that I seldom have to shoot much beyond 200 yards. I also have a 6mm Rem which can cover those few times I think I need to reach out and touch something.
    I have both Savage and Remington bolt actions and like them both. I feel either would make a good shooter and to pick which ever one calls to you. You can always buy the one and then the other in another, needed, caliber.