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CNN poll vote now

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Hi All--

No political forum here yet, so I posted this in off-topic. CNN is running a poll re: the assault weapons ban. You can vote here: ... index.html

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Since the "extends" are ahead of the "lifts" by a 3 - 1 margin we all better gets our votes in now!!
LOL, check it out--I wrote "assault" and the board changed it to "butt." Whoops--it'll do it again, I'm sure :D
The lifted is waaaayyy behind.

Lifted 25% 49357 votes
Extended 75% 146772 votes

We may not win this poll. :(
Apparently you can vote more that once. I just voted again and the results are now:

Lifted 27% 54137 votes

Extended 73% 146902 votes
It's now 56% in favor of lifting it, I'm voting for you too :D .
Also when I do get to America one of these days I want to fire an "as-sault" rifle :lol: .

Stupid frigging word editer buggered with my post :evil: , can't we fix it or break it properly Jay ?
56% this suprizes me coming from a liberal based media
just hope it gets lifted Aix
I just left the site and it's 59% to lift and 41% to extend.Can we vote more than once?Drop-Shot
We can vote more than once,I just left there.Drop-Shot
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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