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Colt has a contact us html but all it does is give a phone number for various entities. So much for Colt wanting feedback from consumers.

I have a Colt Match Target Competition HBar purchased in 1994 which is generally a piece of crap. After less than five hundred rounds of decent factory ammo the bolt carrier is seriously damaged on one side of the machined ramp from being hit by the hammer for no discernable reason. No one knows the correct firing pin to use, not even Colt. Rather than spend forty bucks and waste a lot of my time by shipping my rifle to Colt. Which I was told to do after contacting them I bought a Smith Enterprises bolt carrier which is hard chromed and doesn't have the machined incline. Also the block which Colt installed to prevent alteration can not be removed without destroying the receiver. I know the redesign was done to prevent people from installing auto parts but the whole lower is just a piece of JUNK!

The next alteration will involve scrapping the piece of crap lower receiver and building a decent lower complete with AR-15 parts not M16 and a Chip McCormick trigger group.

Tell THEM that they made a piece of sh...t rifle since I am not going to call them again. $985 in 1994 was one hell of a lot of money to pay for that crap! COLT sucks and I have always been a devoted Colt customer. No more for the bastards!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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