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Copper and Lead Fouling

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Copper and Lead fouling, of the two which is more preferable, easier to clean....

I haven't bought many bullets yet so I don't know the difference. So far haven't had much problem with copper jacketed... but I'm going to try some straight lead bullets for my next round of reloads.

Just want to know :D
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Wild Hare Eating Cook,

If the bore is rough, lead bullets will always leave a little something behind causing accuracy to deteriorate.

The October 2005 issue of Handloader Magazine just arrived. There is an article on casting and loading lead bullets. Getting lead bullets to shoot accurately without leaving major lead deposits is as much science as whitchcraft.

There is also an article about shooting lead bullets in the 03-A3 .30-06 Springfield rifle. I am sure I will enjoy both articles, you might also.

Personally, I find lead deposits more difficult to remove than copper streaking. There are good chemicals to remove copper. Lead seems to take a lot of elbow grease.
There are some very effective lead removes out there that make it quite easy....Pro Shot company has an excellent one. If you're getting leading in the first place it's a combonation of the wrong bullet, alloy or lube etc. Contrary to popular belief, most leading is caused by a bullet that is to hard not to soft unless you're shooting high velocity.
Handloader Magazine, I'll goto my local newstand and see if I can find it. Again thanks much all who responded =)
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