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ive been shooting rifles a while and never worried about triggers too much i have noticed some bad trigger pulls but ive heard the term "creep" thrown around and im curious what exactly is it? and i think i have an idea what overtravel as it seems pretty obvious but could someone explain that to me also just to be sure? thanx

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Put a snap cap in your firearm of choice, then s-l-o-w-l-y pull the trigger while watching the trigger and your finger. If the trigger moves freely with no effort, that's take-up. Once you feel any resistance on the trigger, it should not move until it breaks. If there is any motion while you feel resistance, that's creep. The amount the trigger moves after it breaks is overtravel.

Take-up is bad, creep is worse, and a LITTLE overtravel is tolerable on a rifle, but undesireable on a handgun.
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