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Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by Irish Setter, Aug 22, 2004.

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    I had an opportunity today to shoot a CZ model 452 in 22 cal. It was impressive and very accurate at about 50 meters. I bought the Scout version of this rifle about 2 years ago for my youngest daughter. She was nine at the time. It too is a very accurate and solidly built gun.

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    I own a 452 American in 22LR and love it. IMHO there is no better 22 for the price. I have fixed the trigger, floated the barrel and could not be happier.


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    I purchased a CZ Model 452-2E ZKM back in the early 90's, when Magnum Research was importing them. It is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned, shooitng well under 1/2 MOA at 50 yards with a wide assortment of ammunition.

    Prior to the CZ, I shot a Browning A-Bolt .22 and then a Remington 541-T, and the CZ proved to be more accurate than the rifles it replaced.

    There are some arms in my modest collection that I could live without, but my CZ Model 452-2E isn't one of them.
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    I purchased a CZ 452 heavy barrel .22 last Sept with high hopes. The rifle amazed me with it's performance shooting "very expensive" Eley match grade ammo; 1/2" @ 50 yds. But it's accuracy with the cheaper ammo was, well pityful. I spoke directly to the master gunsmith at CZ; told him what was going on, forwarded the rifle, with test targets back to CZ. The rifle came back with 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Using Winchester Wildcat ammo, ( which I buy for about $1.19 a box of 50 at Walley World), the rifle now groups as well as it did shooting the more expensive Eley match that's something!