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Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Anonymous, Apr 20, 2004.

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    any tips for hunting deer with decoys? use them of not use them? any experience, and maybe a little explaination.

    thank you
  2. upstatenyhunter1

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    I assume you mean decoying for archery season. Most, if not all state laws prohibit the use of decoys during firearms season. Although carrying a decoy afield during firearms season may make for some interesting stories if one survives.
    They are a great distraction if correctly placed. Do you want to attract bucks or does?

  3. Drop-Shot

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    Even in archery season be carefull when taking a decoy to the field.I have one friend that was carrying a decoy and his bow and had his decoy shot when he stopped to rest,I guess we have to remmember that not all hunters is playing with a full deck.Drop-Shot
  4. stoogots

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    With the danger involved aside. I'm assuming that you want to attract a big buck. Yes,decoys do work but they have to be used at the right time. I prefer the rut, when the other bucks in the area are at the peak of the rutting activity. I ussually use it combination with a scent attractant. I harvest my own scent from tarsal glands and urine sac from the deer that i kill.

    Just make sure for safeties sake to put a blaze orange sash or piece of clothing around it when trasporting it. Take off antlers etc.
    I would get one that looks good but doesn't weigh a lot. If you get one that is to bulky you'll end up not bringin it along.
  5. Stu

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    I have hunted with decoys for the past three years. The first two years I used a feather flex bedded doe. The does came out first to check it out and I always got busted. Last year I got a buck decoy and twice I rattled bucks into range. I carry it in a large duffle bag and I put the legs into socks to minimize the noise. I skip the scent because it is very important to keep them scent free. I use latex gloves when I set it up.
    Good luck - Stu
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    I purchased a Renzo feeding doe decoy to try this year. It folds up and is also very light. It can hold scent and a phoney tail. "All clear" Hope it pans out. I plan to wear orange when I set it up.