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For all deer hunters and Dr. Demento fans out there.....all in good humor.

Da Tirty Point Buck

It's from a group called "Bananas At Large"

Yeah i'm a deer hunter how do you do

I got this deer huntin rappin tale for you
I'm so excited, it's my favorite time of year
I love to freeze my buns chasin trophy deer
but don't clap your hands to the stompin of the feet
cause ya he's like me he can't keep a steady beat no

I got this great big knife cause the hunting is my life
It's my chance to drink beer and get away from the wife
It's the boys night out acting stupidly

Well we partied all night never made it to our bunks and
I was sittin in the tree stand on the tree dead drunk
Windmill blowin 45, temp thirty below, I was freezin to death, then it started to snow
So I got down from the tree stand start headin for the truck
and thats when I seen it there, the tirdy point buck
The tirdy point buck?
Tirdy point buck (5x)

Well he was eight foot tall, weighed twelve thousand pounds, with every step there was a shakin' on the ground
He was so rutiful so beautiful
strutted right out of my dreams. He was created by God just for outdoor magazines
Now i'm not much for thinkin, no i don't do it often
but i had an idea
to put that tirdy pointer in his coffin

Tirdy point buck
uh uh uh uh
Tirdy point buck

I couldn't get to my grenades
The Howitzer was in the shop
My stomach was tied into a monkey knot
Ya my only hope was Betty Lou
she was da one
A combination AK-57 uzzie radar lasar triple barrel double scoped heat-seekin shotgun

Tirdy point buck
uh uh uh
Tirdy point buck
Tirdy point buck

Well he was comin for me gettin bigger and bigger but my fingers were so frozen I could not pull the trigger
I kicked off my boots fired with my big toe
I was Dirty Harry, John Wayne, and G.I. Joe

Ya dat tirdy point buck was only 10 feet away
Ya still I couldn't seem to hit him and he wouldn't run away
and after 20 minutes when the smoke cleared
there were hunters on the ground and the world's biggest deer
standing tall and proud, he looked at me and yawned (ohhhhhhh dear)
and then a flash of white, and there he was, gone

[cryin and burpin]

Well seven men got up and then one fell down
a big lump of blaze orange, shakin on the ground
At first I thought he was one of the boys
but it was a no good brother in law man from Illinois

Only cheese-heads in here, right boys?
Send him back on the next plane ya know.

Did ya see the tirdy pointer?
Did ya see the tirdy pointer?
Did ya see the tirdy pointer?
Did ya see the tirdy pointer?

As we jumped into da truck
sayin I'm gonna get that tirdy point buck
yeah I'm gonna get that tirdy point buck

uh uh uh uh
Tirdy point buck (5x)
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