difference between adl, bdl, and cdl

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by skog, Nov 10, 2004.

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    What is the differences between the adl, bdl and cdl in the same caliber? Also which is the best out of the 3?

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    I just bought the last ADL in 243 Win. (closeout) at my local Wallyworld for 270.00$. The ADL has a "blind magazine", and lacks the open sights that come standard on the BDL. No qualitative difference when it comes to the action and barrel. I believe the ADL model is being phased out i.e explaining why the good deal on the remaining "leftovers" at Wallyworld.
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    ADL has a cheep finish and no magazine well
    BDL has a shiny finish with iron sights, monte carlo stock and a floor plate magazine
    CDL has a nice satin finish with no iron sights (and no monte carlo stock) and also a floor plate magazine..

    SPS is the synthetic stock and is less expensive than the CDL or BDL...

    CDL is the most expensive, I have one in 30.06... nice gun.

    ADL is cxl'd and the BDL has been around forever

    none are factory bedded and have heavy triggers and contact points. All are very similar though in the fact that they are all model 700's and should shoot very similar as well.. Most model 700's have a slick action and shoot very well, I would do a little trigger work however.