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DPMS 308

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Anybody here every have experience with one of the Panther long range .308s

I find the price is nice compared to other 308 ars and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with them

for example what kind of accuracy and reliability do you get with them

Any and all help is appreciated
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I have shot one but I do not own one. I do own a DPMS AR15, actually I have 2 DPMS Lowers and 4 different configs of uppers. You may pay a little more for the DPMS parts and pieces but they have great quality it appears to me. There is also a store 5 blocks from my office and they have just about everything in the catalog in stock and they are really nice people to do business with.

I thought that the Bushmaster 308 was quite a bit cheaper than the DPMS and Bushy quality and customer service is 2nd to none.
My DPMS LR-308, with ancient Weaver K10 scope, original trigger, less than 100 rounds through it so far:

Shooting handloaded ammo (SMK HPBT), 300 yards, from sandbag rest. First round was way out at 2 o'clock. The coin is a quarter:
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I have one and I can't find a thing wrong with it. It has functioned flawlessly and shoots really good groups. I have a Tactical scope on mine that is cal'd for 308. Your groups are great looking.

I have DPMS and Bushy Varminter and both are great shooters. Both of these are 223 of course.

I have not had to deal with DPMS or Bushmaster Customer Service because I have not had any problems with either. I like you have a DPMS store right near my work. They have a lot of stock as well as piece parts. Bushy's are everywhere now though.

What is the new president going to do with the black rifle once he gets in? I fear the worst.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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