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    You Okay,Buddy???We haven't heard from ya for a day or two. Hope all is going well with ya.

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    HWD I missed your post,I was most likely in Montana at late feb to first week in march looking for a house.When I was in Washington in the Kent area,I had so much on my mind that I was spaced out.Someone broke into my neighbors house and beat the piss out out of both,they are in there 70's,and around the corner they did the same thing.Helocopters flew over us most every night with the spot light on.We were the last house on a back road and the area was wooded so criminals would run to the woods and hide.I didn't care if I lived or died,I would walk out into the woods and people would run,the cops said I was crazy.Now just being back here for a month I have the desire to live and don't carry a loaded gun every where in the house I go.I keep 1 loaded gun now,not several.I feel safe for my family now.I am better!Mabe not alot but enough to know I want to fish and hunt some day,mabe not this year but soon.Thanks for the concern partner,I am getting better.Thanks to all my friends here on shooting world,I only got through all that from the folks on this site.Drop-Shot