EAA Creates Custom CM2 Youth Model

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    22 May, 2004

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – European American Armory and USA Shooting have
    joined forces to create a USA Shooting IZHMASH 22LR CM2 Youth Model from which
    America's Olympic hopefuls will receive a portion of profits.

    In addition to desperately needed funding from the sales of this rifle, USA Shooting will
    also receive several of this youth model target grade gun for its youth development
    programs. Leaha Wirth, Director of Marketing for USA Shooting comments, "Youth
    development is critical to USA Shooting and to the industry as a whole. Not only does
    USA Shooting harvest future Olympic medallists from its youth development programs,
    but these programs are critical to the perpetuation of and the introduction to the
    shooting sports for the youth of America."

    EAA is stopping production of its standard CM2 Youth model and will only be offering
    the USA Shooting CM2 . "With our initial run of 2500 youth rifles planned, we are
    bringing a much-needed product to the youth shooting market that will not only serve as
    an accurate and effective starter rifle, but will also provide encouragement and
    inspiration to young shooters through its affiliation with America's international shooting
    role models," remarks Keith Bernkrant of EAA.

    The USA Shooting IZHMASH CM2 Youth target gun features a hammer forged, coated
    barrel with target quality rifling and chamber, a fully adjustable click rear sight...full story at http://www.usashooting.com/news/NewsView.cfm?id=195