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In the past few weeks since the election, there has been a massive amount of coverage of liberals, their reactions to the elections, and their ideals. In many cases they feel they just didn’t get their message out. I disagree. The message was given clearly, we just didn’t like it. I am amazed at how issues are continually rehashed by the left even after the effective time frame has passed in efforts to make their viewpoints seem correct.

Take for example the now gone Assault Weapons Ban. I was in a debate with an individual who was trying to explain the merits of the ban as something which all Sportsmen should get behind. He used statements like, “Hunters shouldn’t mind this ban, these guns aren’t used for hunting” and “It isn’t a matter of removing guns from the public but ensuring responsible gun ownership”.

Since the era of Bill Clinton, I have heard these statements as a matter of justifying the continued infringement of the government on the 2nd amendment and I am sick of it. The first statement demonstrates just how out of touch the left is with the reality of the situation. They have come to associate guns with hunters and while many gun owners are, it is not the intended purpose. The 2nd amendment does not defend hunters, or sportsmen. It defends an individual’s right to own a firearm no matter what the intention. I don’t care if I need an AR-15 or not but as a law abiding citizen and gun dealer, no one should tell me which gun I can have and which I can’t. That is my decision and mine alone.

The second statement just served as gasoline on the fire. Responsible ownership of guns is a catch phrase of gun banners as an effort to gain support from gun owners who don’t have an assault weapon or feel the desire to own one. Responsibility is an action that is portrayed not in the guns we own, but in how those guns are utilized. To suggest that I am an irresponsible gun owner simply because my safe contains “evil black guns” is preposterous. They are inanimate objects devoid of action, emotion, or life. The responsible use of firearms comes soley from the person who uses it. This is something that is very hard to grasp from a party whose main donations came from trial lawyers.

To the members of the Democratic Party, I strongly suggest you revisit your moral base. There was a time when your party represented a belief in America and a belief in the rights of the common man. It has since been hijacked by socialists, lawyers, and liberals and is diving at a rapid pace away from the mainstream beliefs of America. You’re on the losing end of this one and you will continue to be until you begin to understand me, my views, and my rights. I am an American and I will defend what I have been blessed with.

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