excel 16 gauge single shot shotgun age and value

Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by misterclean1010, May 22, 2005.

  1. misterclean1010

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    I had just acquired an Excel 16 gauge shotgun (single shot) that i was wondering its age and value, and origination.. Its in fair to good shape. It has a five digit serial # that ends in xh thats located on the bottom and just rear of the trigger guard. Thanks in advance.
  2. Papadoodles

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    Well, I know nothing about them. However, I did find this posting on www.voy.com:

    quote "Excel shotguns were made by Crescent Firearms and the Iver Johnson Arms Co for Montgomery Ward. A single shot is probably an Iver Johnson Champion and could have been made anytime from about 1910 to 1975. The price of a NEW utility single shot is about $80, so if it is still in useable shape, it is probably worth $50."

    The full site can be found at: http://www.voy.com/104863/3/273.html

  3. Irish Setter

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    Does it have box lock, top lever, break open, with automatic ejectors. This could be, as Papadoodles says, the Iver Johnson Champion...value $100 in very good condition.
    With matted rib and checkering...$120. What about barrel length?
    My source says that they were made up until the late 1950's.