Exotics..."Hunting...or just "Shooting"?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by luv2safari, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. luv2safari

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    Who here has experience with hunting exoctics? Was it a real hunt, or was it a "canned" shoot?

    Some exotics are far harder to hunt than free ranging native species. With constant hunting pressure and prolonged seasons, these animals get a real education on how to stay alive.

    What is your take on all this...?
  2. uglydog

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    What I've seen it can be either. A fenced 50,000 acre ranch still has a tremendous amount of area for an animal to hide in; many native "wild" animals in the lower 48 don't have as much open space. A buddy guided on such a ranch and the hunts I tagged along as an observer were much more difficult than any caribou, moose, and most deer hunts I've done. It may have even been more taxing than the elk hunts I've done if one could factor out the altitude complications for this flatlander. I've also seen hunts for Fallow and Axis deer that were very much a canned hunt as they were fenced in 300-500 acre pastures with less cover than a golf course. The animals on both types of ranches seemed to realize what a hunter was but I think through different experiences. The first is not much different than any other hunting though the second is nothing more than shooting.

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    I've only done this sort of thing on fairly large ranches. The game seemed pretty lively and wild to me and in some cases the chase has been more than fair