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Fenris Wolf Arms

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Has anyone ever heard of Fenris Wolf Arms? I found a website called and read an article about this company. I've never heard of FWA before and I was wondering if I was the only one.
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I never heard of them and usually that means there not really good quality guns. Stay away from those they could blow up while shooting them or jam after the first or second shot. Out of all the other guns that would definatly be my last choice even if I let it have any priority at all. Out of all the guns I don't know why yuo'd even consider one.
I did a little research on Fenris Wolf Arms,they are USA made in Oklohoma.Custom rifles that can change barrels,from 22 to 500 nitro express,some cowboy users shoot the 38-55 in competition black powder,they are that accurate.Since they are hand made and come in a wooden hand made lined case with 2 barrels of your choice,I would expect the set to be very expensive,I sent off for more information.Drop-Shot
I don't really subscribe to the "if you haven't heard of them, they aren't good" idea. When a shop first opens or hasn't been around long, not many people hear about it for a while, regardless of whether it's any good or not. Also, some of the smaller and/or foreign firms don't get the recognition of much larger, more highly advertised firms like Remchester and others. It always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I find one of these smaller companies that put out incredible products, kinda like when I first heard about Fausti. Who in the hell are they, and why would Wal-Mart be carrying their stuff for that cheap? One look at their website (and the owners :wink: ) and I was sold. Same way with New England Custom Guns (only minus the lovely ladies in charge). How many companies out there that don't have the advertising power of Remchester, but offer top-notch custom rifles? A lot.

Before I passed judgement on Fenris Wolf Arms, I'd want to get my hands on one and check out the workmanship with my own eyes and hands.
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I can remember thinking "Who???" the first time I heard of Dakota or Kimber.... now, they're both regarded as premium-grade firearms manufacturers.

I agree with wired.... you have to give it the hands-on evaluation before you pass judgement.
:) Yeah, I initially thought "Dakota" must be some half-a$$ed outfit selling $149.00 Colt SA knockoffs. Wrong!
///olde 8) pharte///
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