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I'm thinking about getting one of the FAL's or a CETME with the American made reciever. They would be a blast to shoot. From what I can tell they are made by several companies who reasemble them and put the new recievers on them, which one is the best, and which one is the best quality for the money?
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I've been contemplating getting a CETME myself...found two places online that looked like they have good prices on them, they even have lay-away...which is the route I will probably go, since I want to get an AR-15 first. Here's the websites :
CETME Semi-Auto Rifle 308 Black Stock $368 ... ifles.html
if you get a cetme, make sure to break it apart, clean it out, and lubricate it before you fire it. many people dont do this, and have problems with the rifle later on down the road.
That's a good rule for any gun, Chips. Clean thoroughly as soon as you get it home.
Both are nice, but be wary of the CETME. Spain has a bad rap for steel quality. I almost bought one of thier Guardia mausers, but after reading the posts on the C&R forums, I declined. For a bit more money, you might check out the HK 91 clones. Same look as the CETME, but usually better built. All 3 can be a crapshoot, just depends on the original kit and the builder. I got lucky with a Centurion 91 built by Century Arms. It was built from a kit of 1962 HK parts and shoots like a dream. Check places line Aim Surplus, J&G Sales, Southern Ohio Gun, and Century Intl. Arms. I've put about 1500 rounds thru my '91 and love. I keep 20 mags fully loaded at all times so I can quickly drag it to the range and blast away for hours.

The cleaninig point is dead on. And you have to be sure to clean really well after firing. Not sure about the FAL, but the CETME and HK styles use a fluted chamber to allow the gas to cycle the bolt. Because of that, you have to make sure you use good ammo. I bought some Venesualen .308 and in less than 50 rounds, it was so fouled I had to stop and clean the chamber. India made .308 is nearly as bad. THere is a lot of Australian and Spanish ammo at the surplus houses thats shoots nice and clean.

Any of the 3 are nice, best if you can see it before you buy it...
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I like my fal's, but be wary of any firearm made from kits- safety is paramount, but usually the american made reciever is suspect in a coupla areas.Most recievers are reverse engineered and that leads to some problems- like a FAL that wouldn't cycle properly becuase the gas piston was too tight in the reciever. For the most part I'd say get the FAL and just avoid the CETME or 91 clones, simply for the reason of parts availibility, currently brand spankin' new FAL are made in this country- nice ones too!
I have two CETME's. One is an Original US made cast receiver with exotic wood furniture and the other is one of the newer stamped receivers with G-3 black furniture. If you can get your hands on a cast receiver, that is the way to go. It is one of my best firing guns. Never had any problems with it and it is very well made. The stamped receiver has the appearance of lesser quality when side by side, but it functions fine. I believe the original cast receivers were made by Special Weapons, LLC. You cand still pick up the receivers at SARCO.

I really enjoy my CETME's. I have a bi-pod and B-Square claw mount on the cast receiver and it is accurate and groups very well.
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