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Discussion in 'Weatherby' started by Mac11700, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Hello all

    Is it possible to reform 300 H&H brass into the 257 Weatherby brass...if so what steps are needed,what other dies besides a full lenght 257 Weatherby die set are used...and has anyone ever done this?

    Any input would be appreciated...


  2. billt

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    I know it's possible to fireform .300 H&H in a .300 Weatherby chamber, but I'm not sure about .257 brass. Bill T.

  3. uglydog

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    .257 Wea. mag is formed from 300 H&H brass by annealing the neck, run through a full length .257 Wea. sizing die, and then trim. The shoulder won't be correct but will form upon firing. You can also make them from 300 Wea brass the same way.

    One can fireform .300 Weatherby by firing 300 H&H in it but I have seen several H&H cases crack doing this. .300 H&H ammo and cases are rather hard to find in this area and are expensive compared to .300 Wea mag so I can't see using the H&H cases for this purpose. With Remington producing .300 Wea mag ammo and cases the price and availability of them has really come down and increased. No more Norma as the sole supplier.
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    That Norma brass was terrible and streched like one of my checks... :?
  5. Wyo. Coyote Hunter

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    :D Having fooled with 3 or 4 .257 Wea. Mag.s, I mostly used Norma brass, but if you wanted to form brass, I would look at either 264 Mag. or 7mm Rem. Mag. At present, when I need brass for my 7mm Wea. I just run 7mm Rem through my size die for the Wea. prime and fire it. It is a might short, but works fine. I like WW brass, so this was an easy way to get some. 8) If you sized down either 264 or 7mm Rem., you might have to turn the necks. They might thicken enough to build a bit of pressure without a neck turning job. I sized one box of .264's but never used them in the .257 :cry: this has worked for us, but be careful when doing any loading. :wink: