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I have been a Browning and Remington man for years. As far as I was concerned the sun rose and set with whatever products these two companies produced. I have other companies represented in my gun collection but any new addition has always been measured against my Remington and Browning standards. Recently I purchased a Franchi 612, the gun fits beautifully, shoots beautifully and has been 100% reliable. I can't remember when I have been so pleased with a new gun. The gun is modern, well put together and it did not cost a rediculous amount(I know Berettas are great, but 1400CDN for a synthetic Urika is too much). When comparing this gun to my Remington 870's there is no comparison. The machining of the metal is much more precise and clean, and there is a much greater attention to detail. I love my Brownings, but Brownings tend to be built like tanks. I was so pleased with my 612 that I went out today and bought a 620 in walnut with a 24" barrel. This gun is awesome, my preliminary testing revealed that recoil is minimal, especially for a sub 6 pound gun. It cycled everything I put in it and it felt just as nice as the 612.

I just don't understand how this company can be such a sleeper in the industry. I do not know anyone else who owns one, but those that I read about on the internet, love and rave about them. The local gun shops around here have very limited supplies and they are generally on discount cause they don't sell worth a damn. My local gun shop owners and gunsmiths will come right out and say Rem 1100/11-87's and Browning Golds and most other semi-auto's on the market do not hold a candle to the Italian shotgun imports(Benelli, Beretta, Franchi). And yet, they can't keep the 1100/11-87's and Golds in stock. It is amazing, I guess familiarity goes along way for people when they are looking to buy a new gun.

I still intend to buy Rem and Browning products, they have never let me down and they do make great guns. Only time will tell how the 612 and 620 will hold up, but if first impressions are any indication, I will be just as pleased years from now. Cheers,


P.S-This is not a flame against Browning or Remington, don't bother responding if you intend to retali-flame. These are just my thoughts and testimonial.
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Patrick is that an auto shotgun?I can't keep up with all companys any more,but remmember that gunsmiths only see broken guns.I have 2 1100's and both have never seen a gunsmith shop.1 I bought in 70 and the other 1979.More than the usual rounds have been fired from both.In a case that more brownings and remingtons are seen at the gunSmith shops shows that there are many many more out there that have never broke.I soon will be in the market for another shotgun and would like to hear more about the franchi's,but only an auto loader.I have enough remingtons and would like to try something else that won't break the bank.I can't quite see buying a benelli for 1300 if another brand will do the same thing.Keep us posted as you use it more.Drop-Shot
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