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Patrick is that an auto shotgun?I can't keep up with all companys any more,but remmember that gunsmiths only see broken guns.I have 2 1100's and both have never seen a gunsmith shop.1 I bought in 70 and the other 1979.More than the usual rounds have been fired from both.In a case that more brownings and remingtons are seen at the gunSmith shops shows that there are many many more out there that have never broke.I soon will be in the market for another shotgun and would like to hear more about the franchi's,but only an auto loader.I have enough remingtons and would like to try something else that won't break the bank.I can't quite see buying a benelli for 1300 if another brand will do the same thing.Keep us posted as you use it more.Drop-Shot
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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