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Thought you might like to see what the other side thinks.......



In just the latest chapter, there are 10 dead in Greater Minnesota, and the toll from multiple shootings this year is going through the roof.
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Washington D.C. - The bloody attack on a high school in the Red Lake Indian Reservation yesterday can't be viewed as an isolated incident. Though the motivations of the young killer are as of yet unknown, his rampage becomes another entry on a growing list of news reports on horrific gun violence and reports on the ready availability of ever-deadlier weapons.

"In recent months, we have seen horrible shooting attacks in shopping malls, office buildings, courthouses, the homes of judges, private hunting lands and it seems like every other kind of place we like to believe is safe," said Brady Campaign and Million Mom March President Michael Barnes. "And we're deluged with reports about legal guns that can shoot down airplanes, guns designed to kill police wearing body armor, and the FBI being forced to watch as terrorist suspects arm themselves with firearms."

"Our leaders are preaching about the culture of life," Barnes said. "They should spend the same amount of energy taking steps to stop our nation's culture of death."

In Red Lake, Minnesota, America yesterday suffered the worst school related shooting incident since the Columbine shootings in April of 1999. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian, a frustrated mayor is urging the state's Governor and legislature to help stem the tide of violence. In Atlanta, a beloved judge, an innocent court reporter and a veteran police officer were laid to rest. In Tyler, Texas, a brutal spouse killed his wife and a bystander and wounded his son with an AK-47 copycat weapon.

In Washington D.C., by contrast, lawmakers have allowed the Federal assault weapons ban to expire, limited law enforcement investigations of gun sellers, mandated the immediate destruction of records of gun sales, and stand poised to make it impossible for victims of gun violence to seek justice against reckless gun sellers in the courts.

"We need to do more to make sure our communities -- and especially our young people -- are safe from gun violence," said Kate Havelin, President of the Twin Cities, Minnesota Million Mom March chapter. "Today I hope all of us think of those who died, those who were injured, and all of those whose lives have been changed because of gun violence."

"When will our leaders have enough?" asked Sarah Brady, Chair of the Brady Campaign. "When will the government do something to help stop the bloodshed? Red Lake sends all of America's mothers and fathers a message about how vulnerable all of our children are."

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:roll: Typical communist hippie liberal bastard BS.

If you want to read something all nice and fuzzy after going through that, go to the other forum that I pretty much live on,, go to the Off-Topic part, and look for the Official Gun Owner's Thread. One of the longest ones on the entire site. I even started a second thread that's growing pretty steadily. Lots of good pics and humor in both.
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