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ok i know that guns are a serious topic and shouldnt be joked about but cmon guys we have all had to have some form of funny experience with a gun so please share

in my case it was 2 years ago when i had my cap n ball revolver i was showing off to my friends by spinning it around on my finger like a cowboy and i guess i got a little too into it and lost control and it flew out of my hand and broke out my window and landed on the lawn out front

next thing i knew was my mom coming into my room yelling at me all the while me n my friends were almost on the floor laughing which of coursed pissed my mom off even more

another time was a little over a year ago i was with some friends at a rifle range and we were shooting an sks and we had forgot that an sks ejects the spent shell pretty far so anyways everytime we shot it the shell would fly over to the next shooting station and kept on bouncing off this one guys scope and kept messing up his shots but he was pretty cool about it and didnt get to mad but of course we all thought it was hilarious
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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