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Gone hunting

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See you tomorrow night :)
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The heck you will! :? I'll be in my deer camp then... :D :D :D
Good luck luv2 and give me the details,you too 8point.All of you guys give me details as I won't hunt this year.Every one that is on this site,let me in on your hunt,details everyone.Drop-Shot
Weeeellll. today we jumped several in the morning but didnt have a chance and this evening was so hot with no wind at all they didn't move. remember that why they call it hunting :)
8point thats one thing I don't miss about the south.I shot deer in 90 degree weather and you have to leave a.s.a.p to get the deer cooled down so it won't start stinking.The weather here is in the 40's at night and 60's during the day.My sister-in-law said they were expecting a light snow.Up high it's already in the 30's to 40's at night,and 50's during the day, in Helena it's cool enough to wear a coat when the sun goes down.I'm looking forward to the cooler weather.Good hunting 8point.Drop-Shot
Ah man I'm jealous. I can't wait for some cooler weather to come our way...
8 point,

You and me, both...

I was hunting at about 8,000' in a short sleeve shirt this weekend. The bucks are all in the higher country above that, and are hold up in the thickest mahogany thickets they can penetrate, making hunting them almost impossible right now.

A few early morning stragglers are being taken, but it is hard hunting. The years of drought have taken their toll, also...not many deer around... This harsh old high desert has no mercy. :evil:
I went out last weekend. 80's at 7000 ft. Real dry. Fire hazaard stuff and no campfires allowed! I hate cold camping!

I jumped a Bear and chased him down the hill side, but no shot. I also jumped two does. I am going back up on the 16th.

Good luck all and be safe!
Ya'll needs some rain bad. I didn't know it was that bad over there.80 is still too hot to me. I'm ready for some of that cold air commingout of Canada.
This week it is cooling off big time. Not enough, but for Southern Cal. it is looking good. I only hope it holds up through the weekend of the 16th.

It has been chilly at night. (For California) down in the low 50's:)
During the day it is in the 70's. Now that is down here at 500ft. So up at 7000 ft it should be alot nicer!

I had a dream last night I got a bear. Vision? :?: :wink:
Levergun at about 1998 we were hunting high with a camper in a remote part of Montana.I woke up at about 5:00 am,made coffee and went hunting with out hearing about the weather.I shot a nice bull elk and drove within 100 yards of the elk,I noticed it was getting cooler but a light jacket was fine.I used a come-a-long to pull the elk out to my truck,the snow started coming down hard,flakes the size of silver dollars at first,I got the elk loaded and went back to camp.At that time it was dark and about a foot of snow on the ground.It went from 55-60 degrees to -20 by the time I got back to camp.I came home off the mountain and could not move the camper.In the spring I made it back up to the camper.I had not locked it and there was a note and 200.00 on the table,some hunters(they left there names and phone number)got caught and stayed there 2 weeks.They lived on an elk and a deer on my loge pole they shot.Any body can get in a real bind high up in Montana and other states too,so all be carefull and listen to the radio,and be prepaired.The hunters that stayed in my camper used some of my clothes to stay warm.All,be carefull in some states the temps can drop like a rock.Don't become a statistic.Drop-Shot
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Luckly I don't have to worry about that down here in So. Cal. I can't even have a campfire due to the dry winds and conditions.

But you are right, weather can change in a matter of minutes!
OK... I went up on the mountain two weeks ago and saw a couple does and kicked up a nice black bear. Coudn't get a shot though. I'm going up again this weekend. I'll keep ya posted! :wink:
See ya'll saturday my son and I are headed to the woods. I want to smoke one and he wants to gig one :D . we will just have to see
Good Luck Man! Maybe we will have some stories when we get back!
Well I came home for some more cloths . The weather is getting right but I didn't look at the latest weather report and I got caught without enuogh cloths :shock: . It was coooold out there. Well see yall tomorrow, maybe I will get that 10 pointer 8)
Go for it 8point and give me all the details.Drop-Shot
Good luck.....I am leaving here shortly and there is a chance of rain Saturday. We'll see. Should be fun :wink:
Levergun be sure to give me the details as I won't be hunting this year.Details my friend!Drop-Shot
Well the bucks didsn't show up for me but they did for two others who connected with them. 8 pointers, no they didn't shoot me :D . I had two does come to me last evening .I could have got one but passed them up so the bucks could chase them around during the rut( right by me :wink: ). I consider that a successful hunt just to be able and fool a deer's senses not knowing I am there.
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