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    I have open in front of me an ad published the October, 1962 issue of "Guns" magazine. I thought that some of you might find it interesting.

    Don't forget, in 1962 you could send a check and they'd send you the rifle.

    1. US Springfield, VG or better: $29.95
    2. U.S. Army Model 1917, same price
    3. Russian Tokarev VG Used condition: $34.95
    4. British Jungle carbines $24.95
    5. WWII German Mausers: $27.95
    6. G33/50 Swedish Mauser Carbines (cal 6.5) $29.95
    7. M93 Mauser Carbines: $19.95
    8. P-38 Pistols: $79.95
    9. Webley .38 S&W top break pistols: $16.95
    10. Colt 1917 .45 Cal revolvers: $29.95

    There are lots more, but you get the drift.

    Ammo BTW cost $4 to $6 for 20 rounds.

    There's another add that lists a Colt Banker's Special (snub nose): $39.95. Still another that lists Martini-Henry's (long guns, for $19.50.

    There are also adds for a like new Lewis gun: $39.95, a Grease Gun for $49.95, a B.A.R: in "as new condition for $150. And lastly in this add: a Lahti 20MM canon (not deactivated) for $119.95.

    There's also an add for an Italian Carbine: with a 4 power scope for $19.95. Hmmm, I wonder of Oswald was a subscriber?

    It's fun to read these adds. It also brings up the question of real value of your money. It must be recalled that $20.00 in 1962 was worth a lot more than the same amount today.

    However, even considering that; the guns were very cheap, and they were also very easy to get.....oh, for the good old days.

    I mean, a working Lewis gun for fourty bucks! :roll: :roll:
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    In 1962 I was making $0.85/hour working in a Skaggs Drug Center... :wink:

    The wonderful little Belgian 12ga sxs double I just bought for $350.00 with todays money is a far better buy than many from the "good old days". The thing I miss about that time is the flood of surplus arms one could buy through the mail.

    In 1962 it took me three weeks wages to buy a Remington 721. Now I can buy a Remington 700 BDL for 2-3 days work.

    The realy great part about the good old days is that we could buy guns of real quality that is so lacking today.

    I like your list and will take two of each...check in the mail...

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    Luvs still the guns you could get so readily.....I wasn't born yet(1964 for me) ,but I do know about the guns. Goodness.......
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    Just to keep things in perspective - I still have my IRS records for 1962. Grossed $2,200 for the YEAR!

    Most of those guns mentioned were available down the street from me in Alexandria, Virginia, at Ye Old Hunter! I couldn't afford them them either!!

    But, it sure is fun to look at the old ads.........thanks for the memories.
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    The only that has changed in reality is the location of the decimal point. :roll: :wink: We working guys never seem to get ahead...keeping up is good...isn't it...??? :lol: