Happy Fourth!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by 1gsplover, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. 1gsplover

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    :cry: The old butt is dragging... just pulled three consecutive 12-hour night shifts :cry: . After a quick nap, it's :D off to the gun shop :lol: to pick up some odds and ends, then time to release some tension using loud noises and heavy recoil!
    Hope all have a safe, fun Fourth!!!
    ///olde :) 8) :) pharte///
  2. wired

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    Me 'n my dad have been joking that for the next few days, we might be able to thin out the pigeon and squirrel population in our backyard and get away with it.

    Since my nephew is here, we're gonna skip on that option. We've got a pack of thick t-bones for the ol' charcoal grill and a six-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager, and we're gonna enjoy the weather.

  3. markIVbigblock

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    my 4th of july started out fun but went downhill fast I was doin 70 on my waverunner up the river then it took a dump on me and I had to float it down to the boat launch then swim across the river towing it to the launch im thinking of selling it now since its a race waverunner it has a racing hull and when you get thrown off in water over your head your in trouble because you cant get back on it rolls over right on top of you :roll: . o well maybe ill keep it till the end of summer to screw w/. anyways happy 4th everyone.

  4. Pat T

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    You need a couple of those polynesian side-riggers, Aaron! That and maybe a couple of Tahitian babes to row for you... :D