Heavier loads cycle better than light loads?

Discussion in 'Semi's' started by ZachH, Apr 4, 2005.

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    I have limited experience with auto loading rifles but would like to eventually get a 7400 for hunting purposes. I have extensive experience with the 11-87 12ga with the 3 inch chamber, In my experience the 1 1/8oz field/target loads will reliably cycle better than the 1oz loads does this hold true to rifles? Say if I were to use 220 grain 30-06 bullets in a 7400 would these cycle more reliably than say a 150 grain bullet? Hope this makes sense lol Zach. :?:
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    Rifles don't have to cope with the wide range of loads that shotguns do.... unless you're specifically loading super-light "plinker" loads, you won't have any problems.

    Lighter bullets are loaded to higher velocities than heavier bullets, and the resulting pressures (gas pressure is what operates the autoloading mechanism) are nearly the same.