Henry Golden boy or Marlin 39A ?

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by dueeast, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. dueeast

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    I'm looking for a 22 lever rifle and cant decide. Iv'e handled both but on person I talked too said he heard the henry's weren't good.....Any opinions? :?:
  2. uglydog

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    I would pick the Marlin. My dad has the 39A and my brother in law has the Golden Boy. They will both shoot and are functional guns though the similarities end there to me. The Marlin is much better finished and better looking in my eyes. I much prefer the Marlin's open sights which also seem to be built heavier. The Golden Boy appears to be a dresed up version of their base rifle and does not seem to be worth the price they are asking for it. The "feel" of the Marlin also seems more "solid" to me, the henry less so. This is totally subjective and my perception might change if two other representatives were used. I can't comapare the accuracy of the two, my dad tried various brands of ammo until he found the most accurate in that rifle, my brother in law shoots whatever he can get the cheapest. I would get the one I liked the best, however slight the difference.

  3. 8pointduck

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    The Marlin, hands down
  4. Drop-Shot

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    Wow,thats hard,Henry has been around along time and Marlin has to,I own a marlin39A and love it,I would not sell that gun for any thing(within reason)but I have been hearing great news about the henry.I would have to go with the marlin cause the barrel is longer than the henry and heavier I think,I can hold the marlin alot steadier and would choose it.Accurate and all would be supprised at what it's killed,and how many.MARLIN.Drop-Shot
  5. Anonymous

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    Yep, go for the Marlin. I've had one for years. They are large enough to mount a receiver sight comfortably.

    If not a Marlin, you might consider one of those Browning lever guns. I have one and like it. I also have a Winchester 9422 (I kind of got into 22 lever guns several years ago.) While the Winchester is pretty, I don't like it's feel as well as either the Marlin or the Browning.

    The Browning is pretty small and it's a little crampy when mounted. The Marlin is a full sized gun, also smooth and easy to take down and clean.

    You'll shoot that Marlin the rest of your life. They really hold up well. They also have a very nice heft. They feel good to hold somehow.

    They are also straight shooters. Which is important.