Heritage Rough Rider

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by KenK, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. KenK

    KenK Guest

    I've been thinking about getting a single-action .22 revolver.
    I figured the Ruger Single-Six.......until I saw the price of the
    Heritage Rough Rider. Anybody got one? What do you think?
    Is the Ruger overpriced, or is the Heritage just not as good?
  2. Drop-Shot

    Drop-Shot Super Member

    I handled one and the one I looked at had a longer barrell,I liked that.The problem was the trigger,which could be fixed or it may have been a poor example I looked at.The balance was good,the handles were rough but I would still get one,the rugers are expensive for a reason,there great guns.I traded my ruger singlesix and have a H&R 22 western style pistol and it shoots great.Try the Heritage Rough Rider and give us a report.Drop-Shot

  3. timbertoes

    timbertoes Guest

    It's a fun revolver. plenty accurate enough. Mine is the gray color finish, the blued finish did not seem as nice.
  4. Irish Setter

    Irish Setter Guest

    The Ruger is a quality handgun. The H&R will not match it for qualilty. I have both. I have also looked at the Heritage Rough Rider. It looks to me to be what it is...a cheaply made 22 pistol. I guess it depends on how much you plan to shoot it. Hell, just about any old 22 pistol is fun for an hour or so of shooting tin cans,