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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Merton Leeper, May 25, 2005.

  1. Merton Leeper

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    Drop Shot: Have been so busy lately that I haven't responded about my new Hogue 7075 aircraft aluminum fully bedded stock. This stock has texture, in that, it is overmolded with rubber onto a fiberglass shell and somehow placed into this full aluminum bedding system that is stronger than any wood stock, will not scar, and feels good to the touch. Everyone thinks I have a new fancy custom rifle, actually the Hogue was the best buy of any stock company out there!

    You can contact them at: www.getgrip.com and have them send you a brochure. You can also open up their brochure and order on line. And before you do, you can correspond with the staff who are experts in helping with the fit. My fit was so exacting that it took less than 5 minutes to replace my broken stock. Hope all is going well with you. Semper Fi
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    :D HOGUE stuff is high quality w/o high cost. Had nothing but good experiences dealing with HOGUE! (my $0.02)
    ///olde 8) pharte///

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    Merton Leeper and 1gsplover I emailed Hogue and they don't make a stock for my rifle I guess,they didn't even answer.I looked at a catalog and I didn't see a list for a ruger 77 tang saftey rifle.Thats ok alot of stock makers shy away from the ruger tang saftey rifle,I'm not sure why.Have fun with yours.Drop-Shot
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    I was pretty sure they do offer their stock for the old 77. I could be wrong, though. I've got a Hogue stock on my M77, and it completely changed the rifle. Very comfy. If they made stocks for my CZ .22, I'd even consider tossing the full-length Turkish walnut stock on it for one. I have probably done more business with Hogue than I should have, and I have always been quite pleased with their service.
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    Sending an 10/22 OM stock back to them tomorrow. Barrel sat way to one side in the barrel channel. Snug on the left, about 1/8th" gap on the right. :(

    e-mailed tham and got a response within 5 min saying send it back and they'll send another. Also heard from a couple guys at rimfirecentral that they had the same problem. :cry:

    Always liked their handgun grips, but I'm so far I'm disappointed with the one I got. If the new one isn't up to snuff, its going on my table Aug 27th at the Cleveland Gun Show. Cheap.