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Hot Barrel

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I saw a similiar topic over at Shotgun World inquiring about a hot shotgun barrel and I started to wonder about a hot rifle barrel. Let's say you're at the range sighting in your rifle or just practicing for that matter, how long should you wait between shots? Keep in mind that some of us here in South Texas are still experiencing 90 degree temps. Will it affect my zero if I sight in the scope while the barrel is hot?
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Meandcoco that is a good question cause more than the barrell comes into play.My BLR in 358win makes a great 2 shot group but 3 shots bring it out to a little over1 inch or close to it but more shots and my group extends to 2 inches.the barrell gets hot and the wood around it changes with the heat,and starts putting pressure on spots that change the barrell harmonics,a out of shape stock fore arm will put pressure on the barrell.As a bullet is fired that point of movement is a node and center of distance is a node and at the muzzel is a node,if you could see the vibration patterns you have under tones and over tones.As these over tones and under tones start,the accuracy is when both over tones and under tones meet at each node at the same time and place,if wood grows and puts pressure on a given spot,then the whole vibration pattern is distorated and no accuracy can be achieved.So the heat of the barrel is not as important as pressure points due to heat,after I have relieved the stress on the forearm I wait 1 min between shots.I hope that helps.Drop-Shot
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If you only hunt with your rifle,you don't need to worry about shooting with a smoking barrel. Generally if you or I shoot something it's from a cold barrel.To check accuracy in mine heres what I do, I shoot it a the target maybe twice,then set it in the rack to cool.Once it's cool I'll try 1 or 2 more shots. Hopefully each shot should be right in there. Cold barrel accuracy is needed because your first shot at game will be the one that counts. If you are into benchrest shooting all this goes

out the window.

it does not hurt a shotgun barrel to get VERY hot. a rifle barrel is a different critter. for one thing, pressures are monumentally higher in your 358. when i shot service rifle, before diabetes made iron sights a fond memory, we got our rifle barrels plenty hot. hewever, even during rapid fire, we shot strings less than a box (20 rds). i have shot 40 round rapid fire strings through my stainless 308, and i would not want to do that to my rifle on a regular basis. i will say that we replaced service rifle barrels about every 15,000 rounds, and every time we whot our guns we got them too hot to touch. :D
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