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how about an sks forum

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why dont you try a sks forum, for all manufacturers of it, a lot of people own them, i know they are pretty popular down here in the dixie land
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Hey Duncan,
Good idea. I've created an SKS forum.
Jay Gentry
or even better - instaed of a forum dedicated to sks's, how bout a froum for all russian/eastern block firearms such as sks, all the various types of AK's, saiga, dragonuv, etc.
I agree. The SKS is fine but anyone that knows me from ShotgunWorld knows I favor the AK based weapons.
So I need to rename it to AK's?
How about just "eastern block and asian , semi auto military style weapons." Ya know, to keep it simple :mrgreen:

I think the point is the SKS, AK's, saiga, dragonuv and the like are a similar type of weapon. All are based on comunist military designs. I know many of the countries that designed them are no longer comunist hence the eastern block title. If we could expand the SKS to cover SKS/AK I think that would cover just about all of them since the Saiga is an AK weapon and the dragonuv is an SKS based weapon. You could also make an argument to include the AR since it is based on similar firing and action principals as the other 2, but it is an american weapon and not a block weapon. So maybe AK/SKS/AR would be better!

Then again I see that we have a Military Style forum. I'd be happy just using that for AK and SKS.

Now Jay do you see why we leave it up to you, our fearless leader? If it was up to me by the time I'm done rationalising this stuff it would be called the AK/SKS/AR/FN/VKT/SLR/VZ/M1/MAS forum.
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the only problem with just using the military forum, is that some of those firearms aren't exactly "military" im a big saiga fan, and the saiga rifles were designedwith hunting in mind - thats why they are named after the saiga(an ugly goat looking thing in russia)

but anyway, i'd be happy with an "eastern block" forum
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