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How did he shoot wrong target

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I'm sure most of you have heard about the American rifle team in the Olympics. If not, what happened is that they had the gold medal in the bag until the last shooter shot the wrong target and scored a zero. My question is how easy is it to do this?
Jay G.
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Heck, its real easy..... just go shooting with me sometime :oops:
Jitters mabe,When the pressure is on it's a different thing to talk about it than to actually do,I don't know but I bet he feels like a bastard child at a family reunion about now.I was mad at first and then I started feeling sorry for him later.Drop-Shot
a bank of targets side by side that far away (Iknow there are numbers above them), in that fairly high pressure situation, I would say it is easier than we might think.
I knew prior to the braodcast what had happened and told my wife so we were watching very closely when he came off of his rest mounted his rifle, the angle he aimed at was a little bit different but not by a large amount.
Nothing we say can make him feel any worse than he does already, imagine living every day of the rest of your life with that mistake always hanging there, even though he had already won a gold in the competition, this is what people will remember.
It is not quite the same as inadvertantly shooting out of turn at some one elses target on the local trap range.

He just screwed it up, something we all are capable of doing.
"He just screwed it up, something we all are capable of doing."

what? did he just start shooting the day before or something?
"what? did he just start shooting the day before or something?"

Sure, he just started last week, and he's a total loser. Just like the hurdlers that fall, just like the long jumpers that cross the foul line, just like the gymnasts that don't stick the landing every time. What a bunch of losers. I could do a lot better.
I don't know if you guys have ever shot legue sporting clays but it's much harder in front of people. I only can imagine the pressure that guy felt. Granted he is a pro, but I would guess 9/10 he would have been alright. If you want to complain about something watch the mens basketball team. It is a joke :roll: .
I watched him do it. Get home from work around midnight and am watching the shooting. (secondary cable channel) Between shots, the shooters rest the heavy rifles on a post. For his last shot, the american lfts and turns his rifle off the post and must have put his eye to the sights before he was at a right angle to his target. I watched him concentrate, then start to wiggle. He re focused and shot. When the electronic scorer didnt show where his shot had hit his target, he started waving his spent casing to the official, indicating that he had taken his last shot and wanted to know where it hit. The officials conferred, and discovered an extra hole in his neighbors target. Oops. Went from sure gold to 8th place in an instant. Everyone shook hands, and it was over. He was left standing there wondering how his life had turned upside down in 15 seconds.
(Thrill of Victory - Agony of Dafeet!)
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