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How much would you spend...

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or have you spent before on a guided hunt? It can be trophy whitetail or exoctics. I myself have never paid. I don't really have the $$ to devout although I've shot decent whitetail off my lease in South Texas (I guess that almost counts) and I've hunted the Texas hill country and shot a few Axis running wild. :D
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I could see me spending a couple of thousand on a guided Elk hunt mainly because it would be cheaper than trying to make a couple of trips to scout properly and secondly because I'm not sure enough of my Woodsmanship skills in mountainous terrain.
I would spend $20,000+ for a polar bear as that is the going rate and I would really like to take one. I have other goals first (lion, leopard, Cape Buffalo, grizzly) all of which are expensive, but that is on the list. The most I've paid has been $250/day for two 10 day trips in two years, for waterfowl. That included hotel, 3 meals, snacks, and a couple drinks a night. It was worth it as I learned a tremendous amount about calling, decoys, blind placement, and eventually, a job out of it. I have made more money and friends off that $2500 than 4 of the years of books and tuition I spent for college. All the guided hunts I've been on were worth it as the cost of buying the equipment would have been much more than the price of the hunt and there was no economical way of getting the area knowledge or access on my own. uglydog
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I wouldn't spend a penny because I just don't have that kinda cash laying around.

But......if we are talking about what I would like to do IF I HAD THE $CHING$....Africa hunt for all the good stuff. I think an elephant hunt goes for $40,000 or so (luv2safari will know for sure). Cape Buffalo and Lions would be cool (Well the Big 5 would be awesome), but even just going after Eland, Springbok and stuff would be cool too.

Although, I've always wanted to go elk hunting in Colorado or Montana.....maybe Mars will let me go with him.
marlands,you are smart.Every year I lived in Montana,some one got lost and turned around every year in the Elkhorns,one of my neighbors was on the Lost Hunter Alert.Some died from exposure and some were found,Don't hunt an area unless you are with an experienced guide because Montana now charges for the rescue team to go out and find people.It could cost you thousands of dollars.Spend money and relax,let some one else do the hard part.Drop-Shot
I could afford a drop hunt but have you looked at the prices for a fully guided hunt?Some go as much as 3700.00.That takes the hunt out of my range but to those that can afford it,have fun,you deserve it.Drop-Shot
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