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Howdy folks!

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Greetings all,

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the shooting world regulars, and say howdy. I'll be your new moderator for rifle opinions and centerfire ammo. I look forward to interesting discussions and posts here. from what I've seen in the posts already, ya'll keep it clean and friendly, which is exactly right up my speed. We'll keep it that way. :D See ya'll in the forums.

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Congrats, TXVA!
Thank you in advance for putting in the hours required of you and all the moderators to make this site what it is.

How clean is clean? Can we tell "Your Momma" jokes? :D

Like above thanks for being a mod. I do a lot of lurking, learning and some yaking.

Howdy TXVA!

Thanks for the welcome folks, I look forward to some good discussion, some yarns, and a lot of lies. ;)
I would NEVER lie... I may have a slightly different version of the truth than some others, however.

And if hunting or fishing are the subject, my version has been known to differ considerably from what others may hold to be the truth... but they're wrong, you know.

Good shootin', TXVA.
congrats txva,you can count on me to put my 2 cents in.What do you think of the old 358 win? I bought a used Browning BLR that I swear looks new.The gun shop owner said a man bought it for his daughter to elk hunt with and using a cheap scope,it busted her eye.after all was said and done the gun was only shot 6 shots and 5 were by the dad.I got the gun in the original browning box and 14 unfired 250 gr winchester silver tips.In this state the used gun has to under go a background check to make sure it wasn't stolen,so I can't pick it up till 8-7-04.I'll clean it up and put it up.Drop-Shot
hey wwb now tell the truth,have you ever been shootin for fish?One of the closest friends I ever had was from Wisconsion and he spoke of people shooting fish.I know it's bound to be ilegal cause it sounds like fun,but I never got to wisconsion.Drop-Shot
Drop shot-

:shock: Sounds like you got a great deal. I've never messed with a .358 mag, but I'm betting the recoil is incredible. Of course, that's subjective to the shooter. Let me know how it shoots, as you know, I'm in the market for a .30 cal boomer. Could be I get a wild hair and go with something other than the 30/06.
txvashooter,hi there,the 358 win is not that bad,it's a 308 shell that is necked up for 35 cal bullets.The 35 whelen is a 30/06 shell necked up for 35 cal bullets.If you just look at the charts and numbers,the 35 calibers arn't the best but I have seen with my own eyes a 200 + yard shot that sent a 225 gr silver tip through broad side,broke shoulders and exited.When you look at the 35 rem,it's not great on paper but that is the killingest 150 yard gun I know of.It seems that once the mometum is reached,the 35's don't slow easily.I know the 338's are supposed to have a higher ballistic coeffeciencey but that is on paper and what a 35 caliber does to an animal is awesome.Drop-Shot
txvashooter this browning shoots well and the kick is a little worse than I thought but that aside the BLR shoots about 1 inch groups,2 shot groups were 1/2 inch,The squares on my target are 1 inch and with hand loads I bet I can shoot less than 1 inch.The group gets bigger as the barrel heats up,I think I will pull the fore end off and check for shinny spots where the barrel touches and relieve the pressure a bit.But I love it and the deal I got on it.I'm not crazy about the Millett scope,if you move your head side to side the POE(point of impact)changes alot more than my leupolds.I still have the front site and if it's aligned with the cross hairs then I'm on but I have to mount the rifle exactly the same each time.I'll get the leupold some day.Every one told me go with leupold and I went cheap,I learned but I just didn't have extra to spend right then.Any,I love the BLR and those large 35 cal bullets.Drop-Shot
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drop shot,

my enthusiasm for the bigger rifle has waned for the moment, looking into a striker from savage now. take a look at my post on it in this forum, my friend.

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