Hunting Plans For 2004?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by luv2safari, May 29, 2004.

  1. luv2safari

    luv2safari Moderator

    What are your plans for the comming season? Anybody going to a new area, State, country...? If not, then tell us about your favorite spot. :?: :?:
  2. Aix Sponsa

    Aix Sponsa Guest

    Well my son passed his hunter safty course and I am taking him out to get his first black tail and hope fully his first elk bear, and cougar. We will be hunting some nice eras close to home with an abundant of wild game we will be going after coyote’s bobcat and fox, along with grouse and pheasant and DUCKS. If work finances work out good were of to Mexico for the ducks and dove too. I’m personally going to AK for moose and bear. How bout your self. Aix

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No new places, maybe a return to Alaska for moose if Iwish to give up a bird hunt somewhere else. Antelope and deer in Montana in October, deer in Minnesota and Wisconsin, maybe some pigs/havelinas in Texas or Arizona. This is the off year for elk with our group. I'll buy a MN black bear license but that will likely be used on a nuisance bear if he returns again this year. uglydog
  4. dislocatedokie

    dislocatedokie Guest

    2002...2003...2004... Still looking for a place to hunt around here! I never realized the value of living and working in a rural community for 25+ years and knowing several dozen land owners until I moved out here 5 years ago!

    I would love to hook up with someone local that is willing to help a dislocated okie get back in the woods!

  5. gwp4ever

    gwp4ever Guest

    Antelope in Wyoming. Roosvelt elk and blacktail deer in Western Oregon. Pheasant and duck in Eastern Oregon. Grouse and quail also in Western Oregon.
  6. 8pointduck

    8pointduck Super Member

    Just got into a new hunting club today! 1350 acres of good deer land. :)
  7. CartridgeGuy

    CartridgeGuy Guest

    No big plans or trips, jus the usual:

    Duck hunting about 7 miles away
    Pheasant hunting in the local three counties
    Grouse hunting in Northern Minnesota
    Deer hunting in Northern Minnesota

    and MAYBE...MAYBE....
    Pheasants and geese in South Dakota
  8. mountainview

    mountainview Super Member

    Just getting out and spending some time afield is on the agenda. Doesn't much matter where and for what, any excuse to get out to the woods, wherever that may be, works for me.
  9. 8pointduck

    8pointduck Super Member

    Dove season starts Saturday, then deer for the duration with some duck and maybe small game added.. :D
  10. goldeyeslayer

    goldeyeslayer Guest

    Most of anthing I hunt will be in minnesota, like duck, grouse, woodcock,deer. This spring I will take a snow goose trip to one of the dakota, ANyone know if I can swing it the same time to throw in some walleye fishing? I don't really knowwhat time there season's open but I would love to fish one of the huge lakes or resivoirs out there. I will also be going on a pig hunt at a ranch to.
  11. Drop-Shot

    Drop-Shot Super Member

    Goldeyeslayer the walleye start going deep as the water gets cooler,3/4 oz jig tipped with a night crawler where the flats are waiting for the transition to deeper water.I've caught them in 55 feet depths,so don't be afraid to try deep.If weather is not too cold they may be 5-20 feet water.Walleye is the best eating fish I know of.Drop-Shot
  12. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    You should be able to do a combo trip for spring snows and walleyes in either state. I don't think there is a closed season for walleyes. I've done the fall combos in Devil's Lake, ND and I can tell you that it makes for a long day!!! Spring can be a good time to be fishing, I've done ice out northerns in South Dakota a decade ago and it was a blast. Northerns to 25 pounds were taken and the smallest was 13. We used dead smelt either suspended from a bobber or laying on the bottom. The fishing wasn't fast but the quality made up for it. Best of luck in your endeavors.