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I have a question

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No I don't!

First post! Whoooo! :D
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You did fine pigenhunter,What are you shooting?Drop-Shot
hey guys my brother-in-law said one single shot and I think he said NEF can interchange barrels,Is that correct or can only Oncore.Drop-Shot
No one can really say the NEF's are pretty, but they are one tough little gun! They have a great replacement barrel program.
I have a setup with a .22 Hornet, .44 Mag Max. (wildcat), and a .357 Max (rechambered)..........all shoot better than I can hold.
They need some trigger work and general smoothing up, but that's pretty easy........James
Buy an NEF in a caliber that you like, say 30-06. Then send it back and the factory will fit a barrel to it for a reasonable price. A .243 barrel is $82.00, a 45-70 barel is also $82.00. A 50cal muzzleloading barrel is $79.00. Once the barrel has been fitted al you need to do to change calibers is to remove the forearm screw and forearm. Then open the action, slip the barrel off the action and ly it down. Pick up the other barrel and lock it onto the action. Then replace the forearm and screw, done. Go to the H&R web site and look under the "Barrel Accessory Program" you will find everything listed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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