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Use for your favorite rimfire

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In a pathetic attempt to liven up this board....

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What is everyone's favorite rimfire rifle and what do you use it for?
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It seems that it won't let me post more than 3 options, so if your answer is "other" post it here.
Plinking is loads of fun but in the crowded area in which I live it just isn't going to happen!!
Plinking is the most fun but I use mine for paper most of the time. There's just no place to plink around my area.

When I went to visit my sister in IL., my brother-in-law took me (and my guns) to a gun range/dirt bike trail. They had the standard ranges for rifle, pistol and shotgun, but they also what they called the plinking pit. It was a large pit with misc. stuff in there. You were allowed to throw anything you wanted in there as long as it wasn't glass or metal. We spent about 2000 rounds of .22, 500 rounds of .308, an unknown number of misc. handgun calibers and half the day at the pit. Dusk, extreme hunger and a lack of ammunition drove us from the pit. It was a great time.
I do a fair bit of plinking but as far as time spent, hunting vermin takes the cake.
An old Winchester pump makes plinking a lot of fun when you fill it up, hold the trigger and pump as fast as possible :D it dos a good imitation of a machine gun (on a small scale anyhow :wink: ).
My favorite is a toss-up between my Browning A-Bolt22 and my Buckmark Silhouette. I use both of them for plinking, target shooting, and hunting squirrels (I even took a ruffed grouse in the head at 15 yards with the Buckmark).
Haven't got my rimfire yet...but it will be mainly for plinking. Though there are alot of pairie dogs around here too :)
i would have to say using it for those pesky diseased mutant wild cats, lol :wink: , and i use either my pre 64 model 61 or my henry 22, they dont have really any models of the henry that i know of, but its a standard model
I would say it is either my Mossberg singleshot bolt action or my Remington Nylon 66. Both are extremely accurate guns.

In my family we recycle all old glass bottles and jars...everything from fingernail polish bottle to mayonaisse jar. We keep these in cardboard boxes until we have several full ones, then we take them to the farm for target practice. Both daughters use 22 rifles, wife and I shoot pistols. Kids like to see the jars break. Yes, environmentalists, it makes a mess. But we have a range built over an old trash/burning pile that has been there for 30-40 years. It is easy enough when necessary to simply dig a small trench and rake the broken glass into it and cover it up with dirt.
I really like my Marlin 60, cheap and accurate. I will also be adding a Savage model 93 .17 HMR soon.
I will be picking up my H&R sportster 17 cal HMR with a Leupold scope. I look forward to dropping crows with it.
Its a toss up between my ruger single six .I like to shoot the 22 mags over the 22 long rifles.Then comes the 10/22.Now if my marlin 22 mag was an a semi-auto it would be my favorite.Has anyone shoot the new 10/22 mag yet?
Remington 552 Speedmaster rifle, Ruger single six revolver. For hunting and just about everything else
Marlin 22lr(semiauto), Marlin 22 mag(boltgun),Ruger singlesix with 22lr and 22mag cylinders and a Ruger markII semi pistol. I use them for all catagories listed above. Squirrels and ground hogs ain't got a chance when either rifle is pointing at them. I've just started hunting with the pistol and revolver,but have popped a couple of squirrels already. The trick is to make sure you've got a full clip or cylinder and let fly every time it stops. I'm not a very good shot with a pistol,but I sure have fun!! Usually takes 2-3 shots,a dumb squirrel and me not laughing out loud at myself and the squirrel.

I have two: #1 is a Winchester Model 61.
#2 is a Marlin 1894M in 22 mag.Great guns.And, fun to shoot.
My favorite is my only one, a Marlin 60 22LR. Took it to the range yesterday, fairly accurate for a cheap semi.
The most fun I ever had with a .22 was about 30yrs ago. There used to be open cuts left over from strip mining for coal not far from my home that people used as garbage dumps.

:twisted: My brothers and I used to go to one of these and set out some dog food that had bacon drippings on it and wait for the rats to show up. :twisted:

My favorite rifle for this was an old Stevens Favorite single shot that had the barrel replaced with a heavy bull by an uncle who was the gunsmith for the US Army shooting team at the time. (As a teenager, I once picked off a crow in a field at 150yds with it with open sites!)
Not to hijack the thread, but THANKS, Zerbe! My father-in-law was a retired miner over at Scranton and called the mined strips "the dumps". I never knew why til now. Here in Va the coal is mined underground... we don't know beans about stripping. Duhhh, I get it! And my best open-sight shot was also with a .22 on a crow, which I estimated was 70-90 yards distant... I held over by an eyeballed drop of one foot. Long time since that old miner went on to his reward, and a lifetime since I made that shot... thanks again.
///olde :shock: pharte///
For that shot on the crow, there was about a 3' fence post next to the crow that I used to guestimate the "holdover".

:lol: I gave myself about 60% skill and about 40% luck on that one! :lol:

Those open cuts were a great "shooting gallery" at the time. :D
The floor of the cut was sloped down from ground level to about 40' down with vertical walls on three sides. There was generally water in the back of the cut with floating targets (bottles) to shoot at. You could see exactly where you missed by the splash and hold over that much more to hit on the next shot. If the bullet bounced off the water, it could only hit the surrounding dirt walls.

Of course these days, the few mining companys that are left can't leave open cuts and you definitely can't dump garbage in them anymore. :?
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