Is the 22 Varminter a 22-250

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    Guys, what have I got?
    I purchased a gun this weekend at an estate sale. The gun is marked 22 Varminter on the barrel but no other markings ie manufacturer. I was told this gun was a hadn built sometime in the early 60's. From the chamber measurements and bore this appears to be a 22-250. Was the 22 Varminter the wildcatters designation for the 22-250? I asked if there was any ammunition for the gun and was told they didn't know.

    The action is Mauser, smooth as a baby's butt want to have it and the rest of the gun looked at by my gunsmith. The wood is simply gorgeous. The Scope, I can't make out the manufacturer but is definitely not in English I think it is German but need to get my glasses to make sure. The reticle is post type with yardage markings (I assume) below and to the left of the post. It has windage markings right and left of center again I am assuming that is what they are. It is a very clear scope but have no idea if it is usable.

    Not really concerned about the value as I gave very little for the gun but it is a beautiful piece of work. It has engraving on the trigger guard. A gold trigger which brakes at about 2lbs. The bolt and handle is very ornate with scroll type engraving on it as well as the chamber. This engraving goes out onto the barrel.

    If I could get my camera to work I would post some pics. This is by far the most interesting gun I have in my collection.
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    That is me above, I really thought I logged in.
    I got the gun to the gunsmith yesterday for him to inspect. He removed the the stock late in the afternoon and found what he believes to be the gunmakers mark and the date. It appears that the gun was made in 1952 or maybe that is the date the barrel was made and installed in the action. The gunsmith says the gun is in very good condition and very shootable. He is going to verify the caliber but like me thinks it is a 22-250 or a variant of that caliber. He is researching the mark to see if he can identify the maker. The action has the same markings as the barrel.

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    I've always thought the 22 Varminter was the wildcat name for what became the 22/250. the problem is that there were/are no standards for wildcats so there could be minor variations in shoulder angle, neck length, or other dimensions. A check in the "Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversion" gives the .22 Varminter as an alternate name to the 22/250. Best bet is doing what you are doing, have it measured by a competent gunsmith and go from there. Hope everything turns out well.
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    Check the following website....

    There's a high probability that what you have is, indeed, a .22-250. Make a chamber casting and check it against the .22-250 dimensions (available on the above website).

    If there's any doubt, shave a smidgen off the back of the barrel and re-ream the chamber with a .22-250 reamer to make sure it's right on.