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Ithaca SxS rifle

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I just ran into a double rifle I'm curios about. I'm mostly curious as to what the caliber might be, as there are no markings that I can find designationg this. The seller says it's an Ithaca, unknown model, double rifle in some 8mm caliber, rimmed I believe. This seems odd for an American gun but I didn't know Ithaca made double rifles. The owner can't tell me much about it as this is an estate sale and I can't find much about it with what I have on hand. The seller won't let me take it to a gunsmith for chamber measurements either so I'm kind of guessing. It is in fairly used shape, about equal to many similar field guns of the 1920s and 30s today. Bluing is mostly worn off, the writing on the reciever is fairly worn also, enough that it is difficult to make out much of it (it does look like it says Ithaca on the side though), and the stock needs finishing and plenty of TLC. It is a bit loose in the action but not as bad as on a Ruger Red Label. It as dual leaf sights, one folding, claw type scope mounts, and sling swivels. I'm thinking it is a war trophy from a company whose name is similar to Ithaca and it is hard to tell by the wear. If anybody has an idea on this gun I'd surely appreciate hearing them.
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I'm researching this and will get back to you. It seems that sometime back, I heard something similar...????

Thanks for the post. I've done a little bit with what I have and found Ithaca probably did make an SxS rifle as I found the rear sights in the Numrich Gun Corporating catalog. That is all the more I've found. I'm still a bit conflicted over the gun, it appears it could be an American SxS rifle which would be neat. I do feel they are asking too much for it at $1000 considering its condition. I'll have to check some more myself but probably on Monday. I've got a sporting clays tourney to shoot tomorrow and then to sneak out and get a new Rem 700 ADL in .223 while it is still on sale. For $270 in the box I don't think I can go wrong.
$270 for an ADL, heck no, hard to go wrong! Drool....
Keep us posted, UD, I've never heard of this american SxS rifle you stumbled into.
I already have a person interested in buying the ADL along with an S&W Sigma I have. The Sigma is definitely gone and he is trying to jiggle his finances to add the .223. I am hesitant on selling the ADL as it is such a good buy but it is hard to turn down a a decent profit. I sell all my guns on a consignment basis through an FFL holder so I do not fall into an unlicensed dealer catagory. For $20 he will do the NICS and 4473 so I also feel much easier. If this sale goes through, I might take the cash and offer that for the above Ithaca in spite of finding little data on it. I guess there are some things one must take a chance on regardless of consequences. (How's that for a segue back into the original thread?)
Great return to the thread. Aslo, did not know you were a semi dealer. Good to know. I poked around looking for Ithaca Rifles in dbl brl, nothing...but then again, I'd not know it if it fell on me! ;)
It isn't uncommon to build a DR on a double shotgun frame. Its how Butch Searcy started out, and I've seen some excellent o/u double rifles done on Ruger RL receivers, many in 9,3X74R. A bunch of Stevens 311s were used to build 45-70 DRs about 10-15 years ago.

I'm still trying to find out whether Ithaca made some factory DRs. I once saw at a gun show a very nice cape gun done on an Ithaca sxs 20 gauge...right barrel sleeved to 38-55 and a one standing blade rear sight...I should have bought the gun... :? The only thing wrong with the whole deal was my empty pockets... :cry:
I was originally thinking it might be a rifle barrel set made for a shotgun reciever but the numbers on the barrels match those on the frame. I don't know if this was a common happenstance or not. I sold the Sigma but the 700 is still up in the air. I hope he buys it, I think I'll take a flyer on the SxS as other good deals have quickly slipped through the hands. The last was a carbon framed AR-15 NIB for $500 including tax. I posted asking about it but the gun was gone shortly thereafter. I snatched the 700 from under other hands, it is a good thing to be a regular at a shop so they will hold an item for you with nothing more than a phone call.

So, what you are saying is that your "pusher" loves you...? :wink:
Yes he does!!!! Even enough that they honored the sale price an extra couple of days (the sale ended Friday but I was unable to get there until Sunday). They actually have a list of the guns I am particularly interested in and also notify me if something comes in that may pique my interest. Unfortunately, they have my home number as I've been doing this since well before I was married so my wife knows some of what transpires. I keep telling her as long as I don't dip into the common funds I can spend as I wish. So far its working.
To all who have put forth effort in determining what this gun is, thank you but I decided topass on it. Upon closer examination I found a few problems I was not comfortable with. First off, the breech face is no longer square, it seems to have a somewhat concave shape to it. I don't know what that is from but the Cape gun and 1880s vintage SxS shotgun I have are still flat as a mirror. Also, when the barrels are removed and resting on a finger by the lugs, it has a "thunk" noise when flicked with a fingernail rather than a crisp, clear "ding". The beginnings of a crack the length of the forearm and severe oil impingement in the head of the stock helped seal the non-deal. If they come down markedly I may reconsider but a grand is too much for a wall hanger.
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