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Yes the 30-06 is likely the most versatile rifle caliber there is. The 30-06 is to the rifle world what the 12 gauge is to the shotgun world. But as gwp4ever says elk are tough animals and I also believe the .338 is a better choice. I shoot a 7mm Rem Mag and have seen bulls hit with this cartidge and pile up after a few steps and others that act like they were not even hit and travel quite a ways before dropping, both with lungshots. I do a lot more deer hunting than I do elk hunting and for this I like the 7 Mag. But if I was to buy an elk only rifle it would no doubt be a .338 of some sort. That being said though the 30-06 is still a great cartridge and is plenty capable of taking elk and if you are looking for an good alround cartridge it is not a bad choice. :D
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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