Kimber .45s

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Seymour Hiney, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Seymour Hiney

    Seymour Hiney Guest

    Anybody have experiences with Kimber, especially the Custom 2s? I've heard that they're very good but haven't looked into it yet.
  2. wired

    wired Guest

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about Kimbers, too. Don't have any experience with them, though. I like my Springfields too much. :D

  3. Merton Leeper

    Merton Leeper Guest

    I have a Kimber 45 1911 Custom. From the box I qualified as an expert at one of the NRA sanctioned pistol ranges in Denver -- The Firing Line. It is one of the most accurate and easy to shoot semi-auto I have ever used. In Nam, my 45 was so inaccurate that I used an M-1 Carbine with a selector switch instead and carried 1500 rounds of ammo around my body.

    Kimber's will make you a believer in accuracy in a large caliber semi-auto. Easy to take apart and clean to! They are a little hard to carry but it is manageable if you live in a concealed carry state and have a permit. Semper Fi
  4. mapanggulo

    mapanggulo Well-Known Member

    My experiences with Kimbers is with my friends Kimber TLE. First time outta the box on the first shot, my buddy drilled the center of the 10 ring. Two mags later, all shots were in the 9 & 10 ring. He handed it to me and I put shots in the 8 & 9 for the most part with nice tight groupings. The second mag I shot through it I was able to tighten up the groups considerably and got a few into the 10 ring. I shoot it a hell of alot better than my Beretta M-9...though I shoot almost any pistol better than that gun :(

    I plan on buying a Kimber in the future (Hopefully, next year).
  5. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    Kimbers are very nice and are usually painstakingly crafted (thus their higher price). I lean towards Springfield Armory as their quality and craftmanship is also very good and they run a fair bit cheaper. SA's Loaded series is what I think is roughly equivalent to Kimber's Custom series. I am not overly familiar with the various Kimber models as they run a little rich for my blood but comparing the compact models, SA runs about $100-150 less in what appears to be similar guns.