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Kohle Mauser 98

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Hello, fellas;
I have an opportunity to buy a Kohle Mauser Mod 98 in 30-06 w/ 23" or 24" bbl, open sights, good bore, decent wood, schnable fore-end cap, horn butt plate and grip cap and barrel-mounted sling swivel. The gun has been used but overall is in pretty good shape with handling marks/wear on oil finish stock and blueing wear commensurate with its age (which, BTW, I neglected to check when I had gun in hand but am assuming to be 1930s-1950s). The chekering looks like it might have been recut and the fore end tip, which might be rosewood but looks like it may even be horn (possible??), has what looks like a desication crack parallel with the grain along 2/3 the length of the fore end tip.
The gun is nice and light (I'm guessing 6.75-7.25 lbs), fits me well with about 14.5" lop, "feels" right (if you're a shotgunner, you know what ai mean) and has the classic grace that I've found in guns only from European small shop operations from this era--IMHO, anyway.
Not knowing all that much about these guns, I thought that some of you people here (I drop in occasionally) would be able to render some knowledgeable opinions. Specifically, I've never heard of this maker, Kohle, but one of the people on the sales staff at the store said this builder is well thought of--and I frankly dont think he was simply trying to sell the gun. The shop wants $775.

Any help, of course, will be very much appreciated here.

Thanks & Best to all,

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