Last night's gun purchase.

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by MarlandS, Feb 13, 2005.

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    I went to a benefit auction last night for the brother of a friend. He's got stomach cancer and down to a liquid diet.

    There wasn't much I was interested in, lots of NASCAR crap, sports memorabilia like autographed balls and bats etc, lot's of quilts and such. I was thinking to myself, "it's a benefit, my purpose here is to spend money, don't worry about want or need." So, as I perused the community center, I bought handfulls of raffle tickets, bake sale items, dropped some cash in a donation box, the usual charitable stuff.

    Then, as I rounded a corner in the tables of auction items, I spied to familiar looking shapes, a semi auto shotgun (Remington model 11) and a slide action .22 (tag said Ranger, no markings on gun ) both rough looking but complete and presumably functional. They just looked like they sat in a garage for a few years.

    Well, due to a prior commitment, I ran out of time before they came up for bid, so, I left my bidding number, maximum bids, and instructions to call me should I win with a friend. Two and a half hours later I get a call, "you won the rifle and lost the shotgun", fortunately, the other function I was at was down to sitting in the bar BSing so I beat feet the 25 miles to the benefit to pay for my purchase.

    What did I end up winning? It's an unmarked Savage, best I can tell model 29A. Finish is ate up, some pretty good rust, wood isn't nicked up too badly if you discount the initial carved in the wrist. Magazine tube was re-attached (poorly) with silver solder, action shows signs of years of use ( a little "catchy"). The rear sight has been replaced with a folding sight (put on backwards and filed to a HUGE "V" ) .

    But, the bore is shiny, I fired it this morning and it functions quite well, I think an hour or two on the kitchen table will cure most of it's ills, so all in all, I don't feel too bad for paying $120 for it, especially since I was there expressly to spend money.
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    I've been to 2 of those kind of functions,I never got to bid on guns,air conditioner and an old meat grinder but the purpose was the same,to help some one who was about to leave his family with no income,the other were older folks and the guns were distributied among the other family.I hate to have to go to those things but I will,the mood is somber and the first one I went to the man that was dieing was there,the other was after a death.I believe if we help one another,it's returned when we need it so I go even though I'd rather not.Some day I will leave but I have insurance so my family will have a tidy sum to help them at a difficult time.Drop-Shot