Late Season Elk Hunt 2005

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by luv2safari, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Weatherby 300

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  2. Ruger 338

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  3. Throw Rocks

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  1. luv2safari

    luv2safari Moderator

    Just booked a hunt for 11/27-12/01 with Apache Park out of Chama, NM. Anybody know anything about these guys??? I had to sell one of my drillings to do this hunt...$##@$#$#%$$#@!! :cry: I'd better bring back a pickup full of antlers and elk... :?

    The two rifles I'll take are my old German 300 Weatherby and my newer Ruger MKII SS/Syn in 338. My trusted old Remmy 721 in 300 H&H has a sore throat, it appears, and needs a bit of cleaning up...couldn't get it to shoot well enough for the longer ranges I may encounter, not that a Weatherby shoots all that well, either.

    The Wby was already sighted in for 275 yards with 180 Speer Hot Core FB SP at 3000+fps, and the 338 shoots 225 Hornady Interlock FB SP at 2800+, also zeroed in at 275. The Wby is topped with a 2-7 Loopy, while the Ruger wears a 3-9 Loopy. The Timney trigger I installed in the Ruger has made a world of difference in my shooting with that rifle. :D :D Those factory Ruger ratchets...errr...triggers are awful. :evil: :?
  2. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    Throw rocks and get in touch with your primative side. It will also sit well with your outfitter as he won't have to worry if you can shoot or not. Furthermore, you will be fresher when the time comes to make your kill as you haven't been lugging a heavy rifle around all day. All you have to do is reach down and grab an appropriate sized rock, usually one can be found in the bottom of your boot.
    The outfitter's name rings a bell with me but I'm not sure where. I think an old acquaintance used them for bowhunting maybe several years back and if this is them, at least he was happy with them. I'd probably use the Weatherby myself as the few 338s I've shot have been less than kind to me but it is a horse a piece. Best of luck to you, it should all work out well. I'm off in several hours for the remainder of the WI deer season and for the first time we are having Thanksgiving out at the camp. It should be an interesting time with nearly 40 people of all ages present. The crew out there say its been decent but slow compared to last year. Too warm of weather seems to be making the deer move at night more than normal. I'll be bringing some cooler weather with me so hopefully things will pick up.

  3. huntswithdogs

    huntswithdogs Moderator

    I'd take the 338. A little more is always nice when ya gotta pay to go in the first place. Think of it as insurance. Have a ball and let us know how it works out.

    We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our deer camp for about 10 years. After my Fatherinlaw got to where he cold hunt,we went back to jusy going to each others house. It just ain't the same. Enjoy it and try to keep it going!

  4. 44mag

    44mag Guest


    whichever you feel most confident with. When you set foot outside your truck, reach back in and get whichever one you are most confident with whichever you shoot the best.
  5. Drop-Shot

    Drop-Shot Super Member

    I just loaded some hornady 180 gr interbonds in 300 weatherby mag,3200 fps is listed but I get super groups with 75.3 grs of IMR 4831 at about 3150 fps.Both calibers are great.I have been to Chalma several times and found out if you don't book a guided hunt you don't get to hunt!It's all ranch land in the foot hills of the Rockys and private land on top,take some cold weather gear as it gets cool up there.Good luck and bring back details.Drop-Shot