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Leupold VX I v.s. Leupold Rifleman

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Both are obviously entry level scopes and they are both priced at $199.00 in my neck of the woods. Are there any significant differences? I bought a Rifleman for my A-Bolt, only because it was a matte finish to match my rifle but I'm hoping I didn't blunder in quality. I've already been to the range and it is a nice step up from the BSA and Bushnell scopes I'm accustomed to. Any feedback is appreciated.
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Rifleman has coated optics VX1 has multicoated. Rifleman has 1/2 minute of angle clicks VX1 has 1/4. I would say the VX1 has more light transmittion also. Rifleman is the entry level scope with the VX1 being the low end high quality scope
You've got all the scope that this gun will ever need. From experience it'll do circles around the BSA. Some of the higher end Bushnell scopes are quite good but I've had little experiece with them.
BSA is garbage! Bushnells high end scopes are of great quality( the 4200 and 3200).They are like the old Baush and Lomb scopes of years past.They are made in Japan.
BSA on the other hand are cheap Chinease lower than entry level garbage
Re: re: Leupold VX I v.s. Leupold Rifleman

8pointduck said:
BSA is garbage! Bushnells high end scopes are of great quality( the 4200 and 3200).They are like the old Baush and Lomb scopes of years past.They are made in Japan.
they ARE the old Baush & Lomb scope. that's why bushnell bought them.
BSA is garbage!
Well being that the illuminated crosshairs on my Cat Eye stopped illuminating I'll agree with you. Thanks for the replies.
I KNOW THAT! ./.but they haven't made them in years until a few years back and I'm glad they did. The only thing is the hunting and shooting community has to realize this and put these scopes back in the place they used to be.
8point, i agree with ya 100%.
The Weaver line has also picked up since being acqiured by Blount. This company has Simmons, Weaver, Redfield, and another one that I can't remember. The Weavers are made in Japan and they have some good clear optics. I about bought a Grand Slam but backed out because I had a scope lying around and didn't want to face my wife.I can get a classic in 3x9x38 that I'm looking to put on one of my Winchester 100's that looks awsome.

Speaking of Redfield, a few years back when they returned I got one for my A bolt in 3x12x42 and am so pleased with it that I wouldnt take it off for a Leupold.
I have treated my scopes poorly,my simmons 44 mag lasted 2 years and the cross hairs broke,I still have an old redfield 2-7 wide field and it still works,I dropped my 30/06(a friend did it) out of a boat and it stayed there all day and night.I went back to the spot I marked and dove with a mask and retrieved the gun,the leupold was fine and I still use it,I've dropped them out of tree stands and fell 3 feet on rocks with my rifle and scope to break my fall,The scope took most of the fall and thats on a BLR 243 that still shoots where it did before the fall.My daughter dropped a 300 savage in a remington 700 adl,she was on a set of rocks about 25 feet up above the ground,the rifle is banged up and the scope got a little banged up but that american made scope still shoots the same as before the fall.All I know is leupold has never failed me,I dropped one out of a tree stand 15 feet ,walked to a pipeline and killed a solid 4 point white tail.I've gone through all kinds of scopes and leupold will be the scope all are judged against.I think they are the only scope made in usa.Drop-Shot
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Yea, DS but what about Burris. They make real good scopes too.
Oh yea. I wouldnt have a simmons 44 mag if you gave it to me .Simmons only have two scopes that I like and thats the ATEC and the Whitail Expedition. The rest are not for me...My son has an old Simmons Whitail on his Rem. mod. 7. I told him we would get him a better scope next year.
But 8point the best burris won't have the eye relief the cheapest leupold has.When I look at the cabellas catalog and look for eye relief of a scope and even the most expensive scopes don't have the eye relief the leupolds have.Back in the 70's I used a tasco and had great success but I heard they were bought out and were made in china,so I haven't looked at tasco in years.My brother has a burris scope that cost him 480.00,A black diamond,he loves it,so burris is a good scope.The salesman I mentioned uses a burris and hunts in alaska at -40 with no problems,nikon,pentax,shepard ,there is alot of good choices.My brother dropped my rifle out of a tree stand and that broke the cross hairs,but under normal conditions the simmons is a good scope.The swift I got that fogged and exchanged,my brother-in-law used for years the replacement scope with no problems.I just have had such good luck with leupold that I will keep them,that don't mean I won't try another scope,I like the sightron also,but no scope(except the pistol scopes and scout scopes)have more eye relief,and when you have had stiches above your eye,you get to thinking about eye relief.Drop-Shot
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I didn't think about eye relief. Thats good to know.
a note on the lower end leopold riflemans and the nikkons.
all were ranging from 120 to 200.

i found a TASCO EXP 1.5-5X32/44LT RIFLE SCOPE

it is a rather odd duck with a wide angle oval shapped lens and was not extreamly expensive but claims to have 5 inches of eye relief compared to the rifflemans and nikkons which even at 200 only has 3.2 to 4.3 inches of relief

not that i am fond of supporting china but for the price i am considering it as i do not really care to spend more that 100 to 150 for a good scope. this thing still even has 98 percent light transmission . as good as the leopold i would say.

i have attached the specs according to their websight as well
Brand new it is 130 clearance price.
should i wait and scrounge the gun shows when they start up again for a used leopold?

Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope 50% OFF with FREE UPS
Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope is specifically designed with special fully multi-coated optics and a wide view lens. Designed to be used for both Rifle and Shotguns and built for rugged durability, you'll see why Tasco is the #1 selling brand in the world. Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope has the unique Oval objective lens which allows low profile mounting with standard or low rings without sacrificing light transmission and still gets 30% more light gathering than round 32mm and 40mm objective riflescopes. A superior Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope internal optical system provides wide field of view and a 30/30 WideView™ Oval Reticle. Every lens surface is fully multi-layered with our SLT™ coating, bringing up to 98% of available light to your eye. The EXP™ is heat-treated with AWF™ to reduce scratches and blemishes in the field and eliminate 100% reflection.

Specifications for Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope:

Category: Shotgun/Rifle
Model: H1.55X3244LT
Magnification: 1.5x - 5x
Objective Lens Diameter: Oval 32/44mm
Field of view: 62' - 22' @ 100 Yards
Wide Angle: Yes
Exit Pupil Diameter: 10.9mm @ 1.5x
Relative Brightness: 640
Lens Coating: SLT - Super Light Transmission, fully multi-layered coated optics
Focus Type: Fast Focus Eyebell
Parallax Setting: 100 yards
Eye Relief: 5
Reticle Type: 30/30 WideView Oval
Windage / Elevation: 1/4 M.O.A. Lock-Tight Turrets
Finish: AWF - All Weather Finish, Blac
Tube Diameter: 1
Weight: 17 oz.
Length: 13
Features of Tasco 1.5-5x32/44 EXP Extreme Performance Rifle Scope:

Oval Objective Lens Designed for Low Profile Mounting
30% More Light Gathering with Extra WIde View
SLTTM - Super Light Transmission, Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
No-Fault, Lifetime Warranty
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That tasco was ment for scout set up and has better than average eye relief,the leupold uses a pistol scope for scout set ups and has way longer eye relief than the tasco but burris has a scout set up also and has great eye relief and is made in USA but cost more than the tasco.Hey partner go ahead and get the tasco and let us know how it is,I read a comment from a ceo of tasco that said(as of last year)"We out sorched for cost reasons and put up with less quality than we used to have,that has changed,we are going back to the old process and adding new coated optics".They don't cost 19.95 any more,they are supposed to be better,get one and report to us.I personaly am a hypocrit cause I demand an all american scope and have all other equiptment made everywhere,my bino's are nikon from Japan(If I can get them back from my daughter,she watches the marineers at safe-co field with them),I have a custom knife with ats34 steel Japanese steel,backpacks and slings made god knows where.Get that Tasco and let us know.Drop-Shot
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Drop-Shot said:
That tasco was ment for scout set up and has better than average eye relief,
5in isn't anywhere near enough eye relief for a scout setup. That would leave the bell sitting about the middle of the action. If anything it matches (by and large) the Leupold/Burris/Nikon specs for a shotgun/muzzleloader scope
i opted not to go with it as i recently found out the reason they were going so resonable $70 to $80 for the 3x9 and $60 to $70 for the 1.5x5 was due in part to the fact that bushnell bought them out. Busnell will continue to produce them but only ceratin lines. if you go to tasco it links you to bushnell for customer support and so forth.

Bushnell does not plan to continue the exp line. With this in mind i do not feel they will support the warrenty either
(they claim special arangements will be made)
translation buttload of a headache for nothin.

With this in mind i started looking again at the leopold and nikons in the 200 range

Luck have it i found a really nice priced weatherby mark 5 fibremark and low and behold it had a nice matt black vari x II
in a 3x9x40 no adjustable objective but still a really nice scope

so i put it to my sholder and at 3 power you can not ask for much better than that picture. at 9 you have to move up a little but not bad at all compared to the rifleman and nikons in the 200 range.

That said despite the 660 price tag i just could not bring myself to set it down. it was a mark 5 in 300 weatherby.
better than any of the 300 win mags i was looking at with the excetion of possibly the bar safari 2 with a boss which is unatainable right now as no one has them.

And the scope was just so sweet. i would have never believed it till i put it to my shoulder but now all i have to say is spend the extra and get a good leopold once you try one you just wont settle for less.
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Goose you made a wise decision,the weatherby 300 mag will put anything on the ground.When I get better I plan on loading some hornadys bullets 180 gr.I don't have my notes at hand but they kill!I shot the first animal I killed with the 300 weatherby in 1998 and I was elk hunting but when a 6X5 muley gave me a broad side shot at 80 yards I took it.The poor beast fell in his tracks.The second I shot was like the first,they fall,the second was shot by 180 gr core lock.That leupold was a good choice too.I own 7 and have never been disappointed.A guy last week was at G I Joes here in Washington and said the leupold wasn't clear and the salse man didn't know either but I showed him how to unlock the ring and turn the bell to adjust to his focal plane and he bought it on the spot.They are good scopes and I need to just use mine when and if I get better.Good luck.Drop-Shot
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